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Green Jacket – A Fashion Don’t!

April 9, 2012

Congratulations to Bubba for winning the Masters – you have to admire a guy that has never taken lessons…I might just cancel my upcoming lessons this spring and try “Bubba Golf”.

I may be the only one that was having issues with the telecast yesterday, but while many were engrossed in the play, I was very distracted by the Good Humor uniform that Bubba was wearing.  Now while Spinner has an issue w/ capris, one of my fashion bees in my bonnet are men that wear all white – unless you’re giving me a Fudicle, skip the all white look gentlemen.  (Or almost all white – I did detect a subtle hint of color/pattern on closer inspection.)

I think I know the problem, my understanding is that his wife was at home with their newly adopted baby, and that his mom was accompanying him.  (BTW  Congratulation!)  Moms, regardless of their kids age, cannot help trying to dress their boys in a sweet outfit for Easter.  I mean my own sons actually wore non-athletic shorts that they did not pick off the floor and their good T-shirts yesterday for our family dinner.

While we’re on the subject of ‘Fashion Don’ts” – let’s talk about that green jacket.  Gentlemen – Please let women into Augusta, even if it’s only to help you choose another jacket color.  That green one really needs to go, it has the look of an insurance or used-car salesman, it is really only one step above the Century 21 gold blazer.

My theory is that the real reason Phil Michelson blew it is that he really didn’t want another green jacket in his closet – I mean how many do you really need in your wardrobe?  Three should really be enough.  You can tell from his face that he’s thinking – “I’m thrilled to win, but I’ve got nothing to go with this green jacket!”

On a more serious note…My message to Virginia Rometty – you go demand your green jacket, regardless of how hideous it is!   For those that don’t know – Virginia Rometty is the CEO of IBM and is a Masters sponsor.  Until this year, Augusta National has a history of inviting the company’s top executive to join its club – but now IBM has a woman as head.  She is an avid golfer, but spent late Sunday afternoon at Augusta wearing her pink jacket.

It’s 2012 – Time for women to be allowed membership to Augusta!

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