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Safety Scissors & USPS

May 21, 2012

It began with an order that needed to ship to Canada.

We got an order this week to be shipped to Canada.  I always have mixed feelings on these international orders.  I love expanding to new regions, but dread the mountains of paperwork that need to be filled out for customs.

Boss is the customs queen and so I shoot her an email asking for all these id numbers we need on the forms.

She writes back, “You don’t need any of that.  Just fill it out, get a tracking number and DO NOT put those Made in USA stickers all over the package!”

I’m a little unsure about not needing the numbers, so decide to walk into the actual post office and make sure I had everything filled out correctly.  This was mistake #1.

I stand in a line that is about as long and painful as watching Showgirls when finally it is my turn.  The post office is busy and the lone worker is frazzled.  She sees me come up with an open package, multiple sheets of paper and packing tape.  She is not happy.

“Hi,” I say all sugary sweet. “I’m shipping this to Canada and want to know if I filled this out right.”

She looks at the papers, back at me, and then back to the papers.

“Where did you get these forms?” she asks, “You can’t just make up your own forms.”

Make up my own forms?!?  Is there some kind of crime ring where people make up their own custom forms?

I resist the urge to say, let me speak to a manager, and instead say, very sweetly, “These are from your website.  Off of Click n Ship.  I already paid the postage and filled out the forms that it supplied, just wanted to make sure I didn’t forget anything.”

“Well I’ve never seen these, so I think you filled them out wrong,” she replies.

The line behind me has now grown to go out the door and I can hear the collective sigh as she is the only worker and clearly I am a problem.

A manager happens to be passing by and looks at the forms.  She overrules the angry, stressed out worker and says they should be fine.  I just need to sign and cut the forms.  She walks away.

I sign these forms and then fold the forms to put in the pouch.  This was mistake #2.

“Whoa!!  You can’t FOLD the forms.  It says to CUT the forms.  And they better be cut on that dotted line or it won’t clear customs,” she says.

Seriously people?

I ask her for scissors.  She says she is unable to give this to customers.  I think she recognizes the fury in my eyes and is scared of how I can wield a weapon.

Luckily my purse is prepped for a “Let’s Make a Deal” taping, and I happen to have some safety scissors in there.  I cut the sheets.  I am not exactly on the dotted line.

“Well, I don’t know if they are going to accept this,” she says “We will just have to see.”

I do my signature dramatic eye roll and pack back up my purse.

As I’m walking out I couldn’t resist saying under my breath, “What a hoser.”



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  1. May 22, 2012 5:18 am

    LMAO….BTW I’m sure my writer’s block will be over soon! lol

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