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3 Fall Fashion Trends that Make You Look Fatter

July 19, 2012

If you weigh 90 pounds and are looking for some clothes to make you look closer to a buck fifty, I have the perfect blog for you.  If you are looking for clothes that make you slimmer and sexier, then steer clear of these fall trends.

1. The “I Have A Pin Head” Collection

Elle Magazine called this the “room to grow collection.”  The trend is wearing vastly oversized jackets/sweaters, because nothing looks better on a woman than wearing an outfit that is clearly 4 sizes too big.  I call it the pin head collection, because if you have a giant head and are looking to make it look smaller, this jacket clearly will help you. She looks like she has a freakishly small head.  (that may explain why she bought this coat in the first place).  You might as well bring togas and circus tents back too.  This is a clear DON’T for fall.  Ladies show your curves, don’t hide them.  This picture is from Commes des Garcons (photo by IMAX tree).

2. Track Suits

UGHHHH!  I’ve been commenting via Twitter all week to bloggers that keep mentioning track suits are back.  Have we really given up as a human race here?  It’s bad enough that women wear yoga pants everywhere, but now we need a coordinating jacket?  I’m sure this is all inspired by the Olympic games, but unless you are actually participating in them, I’d pass on this trend.  If all you own in your closet is a bunch of elastic waist pants, you are guaranteed to gain 10 pounds this fall.  Buy some old-fashioned, button and zipper pants.  They will keep you honest as you gorge on comfort food, and you will look so much more stylish.  No matter how cheap those track suits are at Costco — KEEP WALKING PEOPLE.  There are many stylish pants out this fall that combine style with comfort.

3. The Cropped Trouser

Don’t get me started on this.  The cropped look breaks up the long line of your leg.  This makes you look WIDER.  It draws attention to your hip/thigh region and it is not flattering.  If you are tall, it looks like you are wearing floods.  The proportions are all wrong.  Looking taller is key since height helps to balance width.  Crop pants just make you look frumpy and dumpy.



You’ll be happy to know that Smashing does not have any of these items in our collection.  We stuck to the trends that make you look slimmer.  We also have, as stated by Marie Claire, the number one trend for fall — pairing black with blue.  You can see our fall line at  More styles arriving soon.

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  1. July 20, 2012 9:22 am

    As you know, one of us has a giant head – so might have to get one of those giant coats! lol

  2. Spinner permalink
    July 20, 2012 9:27 am

    Not only will your head look smaller, you could sneak all the kids into the movie for free in this coat.


  1. 3 Fall Fashion Trends that Make You Look Fatter « Smashing Golf … |

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