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What I did on Spinner’s Vacation!

August 1, 2012

The Trudy skort – Ideal for boating

Hard to believe it’s already August 1st and school starts in a couple of weeks.  Smashing has had a good summer, but it’s always interesting how great sales are whenever Spinner leaves town!  To her credit, Spinner runs the inventory management and shipping areas of the business and I only need to step in when she is out of town – which she is threatening to do more often.

Last summer we thought it was a fluke, she’s on summer vacation and sales go through the roof.  She’s been away the last week, and again sales have gone through the roof.  Now we are not complaining, and these are great problems to have to double my efforts for sales.

But I have one beef – While Spinner is away, our sales are not normal, easy sales.  We have a few items online that are samples and/or are clearing out some styles from last summer and thus have limited quantities.  While 99% of our stock is very organized and supported by a robust inventory management system – it seems that we only sell items from that other 1% while Spinner is away.

These items have usually been set aside since Spinner has recently used them for a trunk show, sales call, return of samples from a prospect, etc., but in her dash out the door, did not return to the warehouse.  Therefore I need to break into her house, since her key never seems to work, and unarm the most irritating alarm system on earth.  (Burglars beware – just move onto the next house, I got the key and cannot get in her house without attracting the neighbor’s attention!)

Now to find where she left her samples.  Could they be in her office or in the closet she keeps the sales samples?  Of course not!  So I send her a text asking where to find my list of items so that the shipping department can send them out.  Her response is something like this:

  • Pink skirt in third box under table in my office,
  • Eggplant top and skort in her hall coat closet,
  • Blue dress hanging in her master closet next to her wedding dress, and
  • Pink dress in the basement media room!

Not believing her and thinking that she’s just sending me on a wild goose chase, I wander through her house and find all of these items just where she left them.  Of course, I do make a few observations….

She left the house with her bed unmade.  I’m slightly amazed by that, as I might be a bit OCD and would never dream leaving my house with my bed unmade, let alone a week – doesn’t she know that it’s bad luck to leave the house with an unmade bed?

Her house has an uncanny ability to make anyone that enters to use the facilities.  One problem, Mr Spinner turns off all of the water before vacations and each toilet only has one flush left and I need to make sure w/ each visit to use a different bathroom. Unfortunately, my boys are often with me and do not know the bathroom system.  (‘Tho I do close all of the toilet lids, since doesn’t she know it’s bad feng shui to leave them up – All of the bad luck leaves the house via the toilet!)

She always leave a sink full of water in her kitchen.  The last few times I drained it, but this time I left it full, certain that there must be a reason why.  Is there?

Spinner is back from vacation today and is threatening to leave again if sales levels drop to her pre-vacation levels.  So please, use our new online coupon FALL25 to save 25% online to keep her in town and for me to regain my sanity!

Have a Smashing day!

PS  Check out the Trudy Skort – I wear mine all of the time for boating.  It’s great and better than swim bottoms, as I seem to need to bend over a lot and it covers your backside!

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  1. tenniswall permalink
    August 1, 2012 8:57 am

    Funniest part was that I left at 3am for vaca (my excuse for an unmade bed) and the first order came in at 3:15 am from Hawaii. I tell ya, it’s like clockwork.
    Btw, I am totally annoyed that all my good luck has been going into the sewer system of Chicago! Watch out world, I’m now closing the lids!

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