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Forever 29

August 9, 2012

Happy Birthday Spinner!

We’ve been celebrating Spinner’s 40th birthday for several days here at Smashing, now that she’s finally able to join the rest of us at the grown-up table.  Mr Spinner, who has my vote for Husband of the Year, has been planning a surprise birthday party for her for 2 years!  Amazingly, he pulled it off and she was totally shocked. I must admit that on several occasions, I almost blew it.  Even the day before, I caught myself before asking her what she was going to wear to the party!  I’m glad the stress of keeping a secret is over – because it’s been agony.

We want everyone to share in the celebration and am offering 40% off our website to social media friends only – use code HAPPY40 until August 13th to receive an extra 40% off all full priced items.

For those that are waiting for a bigger discount on my birthday in September, let me be clear that there will not be a bigger number posted on my birthday.  In fact, I’m thinking it will be code FOREVER29 for 29% off all items.  Don’t believe me?  My youngest son still has to ask me how old I am and I still need to remember how old I decided to turn this year!

In fact, I have been very successful convincing my boys to think that I am 5 years younger.  If it wasn’t for the fact that my oldest son noticed my date of birth on a cool x-ray of my hand I was sharing with him last year, I would still be 5 years younger.  Never noticed it on there and wondering why do X-ray technicians need to know how old I am?  Guess the gig is up!

Fortunately, I find that boys are forgetful – so think I’ll still be able to shave a few years off each year.

Guess this runs in my family and we never knew how old my grandmother was until after she died.  In fact, at a recent family funeral, I noticed that she didn’t have her date of birth on her tombstone.  I think this is brilliant!  Boys – DO NOT PUT MY DOB ON MY TOMBSTONE!

So this is your one chance to receive a big discount this year, as I’m kind of thinking BOTH Spinner and I will be a year younger next year!

Have a Smashing Day

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