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Smashing Order not Delivered Because Mailman’s Bag was too Heavy

August 20, 2012

After about a month of smooth shipping, here come the USPS problems again.

It started with an email I got from USPS saying that an order was “undeliverable”.  Now we do get emails like that from time to time and usually the next day it is miraculously “deliverable.”  Not sure what the hold up is, but since they are all usually delivered, I don’t investigate.

This time we weren’t so lucky.

We had gotten 2 emails from USPS that it is undeliverable and then an email from the consumer saying she still hadn’t received her order and the tracking says that it is “undeliverable.”  This all occurs before my morning Diet Coke, so I’m a little grumpy.

I ask the consumer if anything is wrong with her mailbox (i.e., too full, not standing, rabid, foaming at the mouth dog sitting by mailbox, etc).

“Nope,” she replies, “I’m getting mail everyday.”

I call the post office.  They re-route me to my local post office.  Oh joy.

“Hi, I have a package that the tracking is saying was undeliverable, “I say “I’m wondering why it’s undeliverable.”

The rocket scientist postal worker replies, “They probably couldn’t deliver it.”

Thanks for clearing that up.

“Yes, I’m aware they couldn’t deliver it, but I’m wondering why?  The address is correct, your system approved the address, the customer has received mail from USPS every day this week and the postage is correct, ” I say.

“I don’t know the system just says undeliverable.  Maybe it was just too much mail that day,” the worker replies.

Funny, I don’t remember that as part of the USPS slogan “in rain, snow, sleet,  & dead of night.  Unless of course it makes my bag heavy, there are too many cute puppies in the area, or I generally just don’t feel like it.”

Maybe the postal workers need to start a round of P90X.

“Ok,” I say really wishing I had gotten a diet coke before this phone call, “I would like a refund for the postage.”

Dead silence.

“Hello?” I say

“We can’t give a refund.  I mean the package did travel to the location, it just was undeliverable.  And then we had to ship it all the way back here.”

You know she’s right, I probably owe her money.

“Yes, but how do I know you shipped it to the location?  The customer didn’t receive it and all I have is a box with a big “undeliverable” sticker on it.  How do I know you weren’t just shuffling the box around in the back and then put some stickers on it?” I say clearly pleased with my argument

“Please hold,” she says.

I’m on hold for about 15 minutes and can’t take it any longer.  I hang up.  I really am going to need that Diet Coke.  I decide that I will walk into the post office tomorrow and get my refund.  Wondering if they will pay me in cash or forever stamps.

Stay tuned….

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