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Why Smashing is Kicking the Gluten-Free Trend

November 8, 2012

Boss is 100% gluten-free.  She started about 6 months ago and has reported feeling great.  More energy, no joint pain/swelling, and she is looking svelte.  She since has become a huge advocate of the gluten-free lifestyle and often will tell me about it as my hand is reaching for the bread basket.

I often retort that I will now need to eat her share of bread too. (This is why Tony Horton and I will be meeting every morning for the rest of my life)

This isn’t the first time we have been on opposite sides of the issues (don’t even get me started on the election), but this was one campaign I needed to put a stop to.  Our lunch meetings need to have a bread basket!!

As we were planning out our promotional calendar for the next few months, we talked about doing a tax-free day.  As we were crunching the numbers of what that would look like, we came across an interesting tax fact.  Apparently, if you have a gift basket with a wheat product in it, you only need to pay 1% sales tax in IL.

The State of IL and myself are actually on the same side of this issue.

We decided in order to give our fans in IL a tax break, we should pack muffins with all our orders this holiday season (eat your muffins, just don’t look like one).  And Boss has agreed to make the full fledged gluten ones!

Bring on the bloating, bring on the sluggishness, bring on the weight gain — Smashing is no longer gluten-free!

For those of you going back to a gluten diet and are worried about the weight gain, don’t worry we got you covered (literally).  Use code FALL20 for 20% off of your order  (you’ll have to wait for the holidays for the muffins:)


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