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Cage Fighting at the Trunk Show

December 4, 2012

Introducing Our New RepsWho doesn’t love a good cage match at a country club?

Last night we had a holiday trunk show at an area country club.  The country club was decked out in beautiful holiday decorations, holiday music playing, drinks flowing.  It is that time of year where we are all a little kinder and reflect how lucky we all are.  Seems like last night, Boss was lucky she had a good left hook.


The key to a successful trunk show is getting the best space in the room.  The event started at 5pm and we showed up promptly at 4:58, so we ended up in the corner of the back room.  We didn’t let this deter us.

As we are setting up we noticed the woman next to us seemed to have taken over our space as well.  We gently nudged a few of her 10 foot displays over so we had room to stand.  This did not sit well with her.  She would keep pushing her racks back into our space when we were not looking.  At one point I spilled my drink as the rack hit me in the back. (Yes I do realize I get hurt at every trunk show)  It’s bad enough that she is barely giving our ladies any room to shop, but now she is messing with my evening cocktail?  GAME ON SISTER.  GAME ON.

Boss mans the left rack by the drink spiller.  I man the right rack.  We keep talking and helping ladies and through the course of the night, keep nudging our rolling racks out.  Now our 3 foot space had grown to close to 10.  And as our space grew, so did our sales.  Drink spiller needed to act fast.


As hard as Drink Spiller tried to push our racks back, Boss was using all of her Pilate strength to keep it where it was.  It was like watching my son try to get into my daughter’s room and my daughter is trying with all her might to keep the door closed.   Drink Spiller decided to start moving boxes, merchandise right through the middle of our space.  She would walk in our section, between our 2 racks and tell people about the merchandise she was selling next to us.  This was a new level of creativeness from our neighbor.  I really have to applaud that kind of out of the box thinking.   I also have to applaud Boss’ clumsiness as she happened to slip and in turn the  rolling rack she had a death grip on slipped, and Drink Spiller’s box of merchandise hit the ground hard.  Drink spiller’s creativity was no match for Boss’ balance issues.


Now that we had signed our treaty with our neighbors, I was about ready to take a sip of my newly filled evening cocktail when another cage fight broke out — this one involved the members.  We were scheduled to meet a prospective sales rep for Smashing that evening but unfortunately she was ill and was unable to meet us.  Once word got out, we had a little line of women telling us why they would be the perfect rep.

“Ladies, ladies,” I say, “There is plenty room for everyone at Smashing,”

At this cue, Boss pushes the rolling rack out another 2 feet and knocks another box to the ground.


Thanks again for a very successful trunk show last night.  If you missed it and would like to place an order.  Visit us at  Remember to use code HOLIDAY25 to get 25% off of your order.  And stay tuned for the next cage match scheduled for our event Wed night

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  1. Spinner permalink
    December 4, 2012 5:10 pm

    Btw, we arrived late because nobody knows how to “close the gap” on the highway!

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