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The Exclusive Smashing Holiday Party

December 10, 2012

The Boss & Spinner 2012What else is new – Spinner and I have been very busy and have not even thought about a Smashing Holiday Celebration yet.  In fact, I seem to recall that we had deferred last year’s party to January 2012, when we would have more time – don’t think we got around to actually having one.

But there was a media request for photos from the holiday parties of Chicagoland start-ups and Spinner is not one to let an opportunity like this pass.  So comparing calendars, we decided to find the next date when we would both be dressed up at the same time to take a few party snaps.  I was off to a 50th birthday party last weekend and Spinner was off to a friends swank holiday party and meeting a few friends at a bar for some pre-party libations.  We had about a 30 minute window where I could crash her pre-party and let the paparazzi do their work.

So armed with a plan, I was going to meet her at Cooper’s Hawk at 6:30 dressed up and with a camera.  The parking lot and place was pack, so my driver dropped me off at the front and I spent the next 10 minutes looking around and not seeing anyone I knew, and at the same time people are staring at me why I’m completely overdressed and alone wandering around the bar.  (Why was the driver taking so long to park?).  So I began texting and phoning Spinner to find out what corner her group of 10 were hiding, as it is a big place, but certainly it would be hard to find this usually loud group – no response.  I then compulsively phoned and texted for the next 10 minutes, knowing that she’s usually glued to her iPhone that she’d certainly respond.  I’m starting to think – of course she meant the Cooper’s Hawk in the town we live in and not the other one 15 miles away, right?

Finally Spinner responds and said that they decided to have their pre-party at the bar next door, but they’re leaving in 5 minutes, so I better hustle over there.  Only problem, my driver was still parking the car – how long could it possibly take?  Finally, see driver in the distance and try to shoo them over to the next bar – only problem is that there is only 2 minutes left of some seemingly important football game and there’s a giant TV and it’s force field preventing a quick exit.  I explain – we only have 2 minutes left before the fake Smashing party is over and I’m sure there’s TV’s over there too!

We make it for the final minute of the Smashing party and the group quickly whips out cameras and cell phones and the crowd in the bar is blinded by the paparazzi’s flashing and wondering who just entered the bar.  Of course, since their own drivers had already left to get their cars, their wine glasses were empty and the time had run out to request to actually fill them – hence our “holiday” photos all have empty glasses, but none of them drunk by me.  Then the quickest party was over….Hopefully we’ll actually have time in January to have both our 2011 AND 2012 Smashing holiday party.  But next December, I’m picking the venue of our fake party, getting there early and having a glass of wine!

If I was insecure, I might get a complex.

If I was insecure, I might get a complex.

Hope you’re all enjoying your own Smashing Holiday season with plenty of real parties.

PS  Guess the driver didn’t get to see the end of the Georgia vs Alabama SEC Championship game after all at the new venue – missed it by a minute.  I’m blaming Spinner!

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