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Just Say No!

December 17, 2012
Setting up at the Butterfield CC Holiday Trunk Show in Oak Brook, IL

Standing guard at the Butterfield CC Holiday Trunk Show in Oak Brook

Years ago I worked for a software company in the Implementations department and later headed the same department.  One of the things I learned the hard way is that salesmen have a hard time saying “No”.  Early on I would often wonder how a client thought the system I was trying to help them implement could possibly handle their adamant demands.

Later, I would often accompany the sales force to be the functionality expert, but marveled at the Billy Mays type claims that were made and would try to weave them back to reality, often getting the stink-eye in the process.

I learned though that most clients knew that salesmen just want to make everyone happy and hated to disappoint, and of course lose the sale. So when I became the head of the department, I would often start my meetings with a new client saying to them, “I know what you thought you bought, but I’m here to tell you what you actually have – but not to worry, it’ll be OK!”.  (I’m sure I was a bit more tactful – I hope!)

Now I never (or at least rarely) need to give Spinner the stink-eye.  But she really has a hard time saying “No”.  (In fact, just reading a text from her about how much of a discount we can give to a large prospect, since she doesn’t want to say it!)

The holiday trunk show season is a good case in point.  We have an assortment of samples, last season, discontinued and limited quantity items that are not on our website that we bring the these trunk shows in order to clear them out. Before every trunk show, I remind her to sell ONLY these items and if we don’t have someones size and/or desired color combination, she will need to say “No”.

I always get an “OK, I’ll just sell what we have in inventory and pre-sell our Spring line”.  On the way home from these events, I’ll get a text or email (she wouldn’t dare call), saying that the show went great, but how hard would it be to make something just like our sample that we’re trying to clear out in a different size?

I always ask, “Did you sell it already?”.  To which Spinner replies, “Well, yes – But I could always call them and give them a refund.”  She knows that once she has the money, I hate giving it back – so the next morning I’m making a call for a special order because Spinner cannot say no and I cannot give back the money!

But next time – She’s definitely going to sell what we have in stock!  Oh wait, just got a text from her….Well, maybe the time after this!

Have a Smashing day!

PS  Spinner has a sample Irina dress with a black top and black & blue houndstooth bottom – size large only!  Send her an email her at for details on this one of a kind sample.

The website shows something similar with a blue top. See Irina Dress.

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  1. Spinner permalink
    December 17, 2012 12:41 pm

    Yes I speak 3 languages and can’t say “no” in any of them.

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