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Boss Shows Up in PJs to the Big Meeting

December 19, 2012

Jayne's PJsDecember is a crazy month.  Shopping, baking, entertaining, and add on to that running a business, and  it’s easy to see why Boss forgot she was wearing pjs when she showed up for the meeting.

One morning last week I drive over to Boss’ office to pick up a shipment of new product.  As I’m there, we get a phone call that our pattern maker has some questions on a new skort we are working on.  As Boss is drawing with her fingers in the air in an attempt to relay her message over the phone, we decide it may just be easier to discuss in person.  Our pattern maker is about a 1/2 hour drive and we had a packed morning of meetings, so we needed to leave right away.

I tell Boss, I’ll drive.  She is a little skeptical after our drive to our holiday trunk show a couple of weeks back, but I assure her that as long as the drivers on the road “close the gap”, we will be fine.

Boss grabs a few items and we race to the car.

We are about 10 minutes into the drive when Boss makes the following announcement, “I’m still in my pajamas.”

At this we both burst into hysterical laughter.

She asks if we can turn around.

“We don’t have time to turn around, no one will notice, just keep your coat on,” I say

We arrive at the meeting and while she did get a few raised eyebrows at the fleece pants, no one said anything.  Although I’m pretty sure, they are all blogging about it too!

In case you still have some holiday shopping to do, and don’t want to go out in your pjs, there is still time to shop at  Choose next day shipping to ensure delivery, or choose a gift card and it will be emailed to you.

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