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Driving (with) Miss Spinner

January 7, 2013

MaxineSpinner and I have spent a lot of time in the car together over the last couple years.  Sometimes we try to conduct status meetings in the car on the way to/from events and meetings to maximize the use of our limited time.  Now I’m sure I have my own share of driving quirks, but I’d like to share some interesting tips I’ve learned from and about Spinner during these road trips.

1. All road trips must start at the McDonald’s drive-thru for an iced tea, no ice please, because you’re not getting your money’s worth if you have ice and she hates lemon in her tea. I on the other hand require extra, extra ice in my tea and at least 2 lemons.  So we often cause a lot of confusion at the drive-thru with the two of us for the $3 sale.

2. As my oldest son Matthew has his driver’s permit, I’ve become accustomed to using my imaginary passenger break.  Usually my son will listen to me when I feel he’s following too close to the car in front and return to a safe following distance of 3-4 seconds.  However Spinner will just yell “Close the Gap” to anyone that does not maintain a no less than her 1 second gap, especially on the tollway travelling at 70 mph. I’ve developed quite the quads from pushing the passenger break with her driving – she really should market it’s as a workout video.

3. Never listen to her satellite navigation system – she must have it set to take the longest way possible to any destination and I need to override what the voice is telling us with actual human intervention.  She never figured out how to fix it, but we still had it going – just in case it was right some day. The strange thing, I would have thought that when she got a new car a few months ago, that this problem would be alleviated,  Nope – her new car’s sat nav still takes the long route to any destination – I think her husband must be messing with her.

4. We’ve had many eureka moments in the car while brainstorming.  Unfortunately, it usually means that we missed our turn about 10 minutes before and need to figure out where we are, especially since we’re not getting help from Spinner’s sat nav.

5. She likes to valet park at Trunk Shows.  Usually, the vendors need to get there early to unload and setup and then move their car to the back before the guests arrive.  Now we’re usually arriving late, because we’ve either had a eureka moment enroute or made the mistake of listening to her car’s directions, so now Spinner pulls right up to the country club entrance, has the boys help us unload our racks & samples, and then tosses her keys to one of them asking to park the car, while we rush in. They always do it with a smile for her!

Have a Smashing Day!

And a thought from comedian George Carlin. “Have you ever noticed that anybody driving slower than you is an idiot, and anyone going faster than you is a maniac?”

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  1. Spinner permalink
    January 7, 2013 7:07 am

    You’ll thank me come Spring when you are showing off those toned gams!

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