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Golden Globes – Cat Fight

January 15, 2013

Along with 19+ million other viewers, I spent Sunday evening watching the Golden Globes.  A good friend hosts a small pajama party with bubbly that commences with the first step on the red carpet.

Naomi Watts In Zac Posen

Naomi Watts In Zac Posen

There’s nothing like 8 suburban women wearing PJ’s and no make-up drinking bubbly and eating Cheetos critiquing the gowns that appeared on the red carpet.  We did acknowledge the irony, but it did not stop us with our expert opinions.  We even had a few friends that couldn’t join us “phoning it” in via Facebook and text.

My personal winner was a tie between Naomi Watts In Zac Posen or Kate Hudson In Alexander McQueen.  Several others really loved the looks by Jessica Alba, Claire Danes, Zooey Deschanel and Anne Hathaway in Chanel.

My vote for worst dress goes to Alyssa Milano. A close second is a tie between Giuliana Rancic and Helena Bonham Carter. I know that Alyssa has just had a baby, but she really should have cleaned the carrot spit-up off her dress before going out – it was quite the mess.

Alyssa Milano 2013 Golden Globes

Alyssa Milano 2013 Golden Globes

Please Alyssa – that color orange does nothing for you and the wrinkled dress just makes you look frumpy.  Don’t turn into a new mom frump, please!

Julianne Moore 2013 Golden Globes

Julianne Moore 2013 Golden Globes

When Julienne Moore appeared in  her dress, we were pretty unanimous that it really dated her and that she should have worn something more glamorous.  It was really nothing special from the front.  And while I’m a big fan of color-blocking – see several of Smashing’s new designs for this fashion forward look – I don’t think this one works for the Golden Globes.

So imagine my surprise when I woke the next morning to a post by the Marketing Department on Smashing’s Facebook Page “Everyone is talking about Julianne Moore’s dress from the Globes & loving the color-blocking on the side. Get the look for the golf course as well.” While I like the connection to our line, was shocked that this was their departmental winner of the evening.

But guess she did make the Top 10 best-dressed on several sites, and the Marketing Department corrected me stating that “Twitter is buzzing”!

I don’t care if Twitter is buzzing – Don’t they know that bubbly-drinking, Cheetos-eating suburbanites wearing PJ’s in a friend’s basement are the standard setters and final decision maker on all things glamorous?

Have a Smashing Day!

See our Color-blocked Golf & Tennis attire at SmashingOnline.

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