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Jason Wu Inauguration Dress

January 22, 2013

Michelle ObamaYesterday was a big day for all in Washington DC.  The media was abuzz with the event –  Michelle Obama got new bangs and wore another Jason Wu dress to the Inaugural balls.  He became an overnight sensation after she wore a white gown designed by him for the first inauguration.

The ruby-colored chiffon and velvet dress was stunning and I loved the style of the gown.  My only thought, is that I would have preferred a bit less fabric at the hips and think it would have been a bit more flattering.  But that seems to be just me, us girls with a bit of curves tend to zero in on the hips.

Being a Chicagoland company that designs and manufactures in the USA, we’re wondering how Smashing Golf & Tennis might benefit from Michelle Obama sporting our fashions.  I know she plays tennis – anyone out there with any connections that can help us get her a Smashing outfit?

We are also considering a similar shade of red for our 2014 line and would love for people to weigh-in on the color for the course and court.

By the way, I know they got mixed reviews, but I love her bangs.  I just hope that in a few years she doesn’t look back and have a “what was I thinking moment”.

During the late 90’s/early 2000’s, I sported bangs and at the time I LOVED them and thought I looked so chic. Now that I look back at pictures, I definitely wonder why no one took me aside and told me to grow them out.  I need to now hide these pictures, along with all of my bad asymmetrical, permed hair-do photos from the ’80’s.  (Again, what was I thinking?)  I’m hoping that I will not need to hide my pictures from this decade, because again I think I have a flattering hair-style.  But then again, come 2020, will I be hiding these ones?

If you’re willing to post your 80’s hairstyle and/or your banged photos on our Facebook page, I’ll post mine, and we can compare.

Who’s game?

Have a Smashing Day!

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  1. Spinner permalink
    January 22, 2013 11:23 am

    Extra Points if you also post Jersey hair

  2. February 6, 2013 3:22 am

    You truly made several wonderful ideas within your post, “Jason Wu Inauguration Dress Smashing Golf
    & Tennis Blog”. I may become coming back to your page shortly.

    Thanks ,Theda

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