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What the Superbowl Taught Me About Fashion

February 4, 2013

While many of you were cheering on your football teams, I was rooting for some hot fashion from the performers.

1. Color Stands Out

AliciaKeysSuperBowlXLVIIBaltimoreRavensCAi4ryLdrdRlBoss loves to tell the story about how our first season we didn’t make any black solid pieces because I insisted that no one wears all black in the summer.  After fielding multiple requests and multiple “I told you so” looks from Boss, we quickly had the factory make us some.

I’m always shocked at how many people only wear neutrals. Color is a great way to show your personality and inject some life into a wardrobe.  Just look at Alicia Keys.  Her deep red, racerback gown was simply stunning.  After watching a boring Jennifer Hudson in a skin-tight black top and 2 inches too long white skirt, it was great to see some color on stage.

Alicia Keys won the fashion look of the night.

2. Knee Highs & Short Skirts vs Capris

wie-150x150As many of you know, I am against the capri movement.  Capris travel down your leg and stop at the most unflattering point making your hips look WIDER and your legs SHORTER.  Even though women know this, we still get flooded with requests for Smashing to create a capri.  Boss keeps telling me that we need to give the people what they want and I may need to get off my capri soapbox, but I think there are other options.

I personally love the skirt and knee-high look.  And while many golf clubs have a collar rule, I’m pretty sure they don’t have a sock rule.  I’m all for sporting a short skirt and some high socks next time on the course.  Take inspiration from Beyonce’s look, but then adapt for golf.

3. Classics Are Always in Style

BeyonceIt was great to see Destiny’s Child last night and sing through some old hits with friends.  It goes to show that some classics never go out of style. We love classic styles too.  That is why we are bringing back our popular houndstooth this Spring with an updated flair.  Stay tuned to see what we have in store.

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