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Hand Model, Smiling Eyes and Punja

February 14, 2013

Last week was quite a busy week for Smashing Golf & Tennis.


4483e70cd4627affae30d28e6e05391eFirst we had a photo shoot of some of our new samples that arrived in from our Spring Line.  We were uber-excited to shoot these styles and get them up on our website to begin our Spring pre-order and so quickly asked our good model friend , Frances, to take a few pics.

Now we made sure to put pockets on ALL of our skorts and dresses.  Apparently there are some golfers that can’t golf without them.  So I wanted to make sure we got photos of each item’s pocket so we could assure pocket obsessed golfers, we have you covered.

So I asked Frances to do a few poses with her hand in her pocket.  At that moment, her smile turned to fear, the music stopped and our photographer, Meg, almost fell off the ladder.  Apparently Frances does not like to have her hands photographed.  I guess it’s in her contract.

I tried to convince her that her hands are beautiful, but she was not having it.  So we then started comparing hands in the room.  My hands were voted closest to Palmolive.

Had I known I was going to be the hand model, I would have worn oven mitts all week, or at the very least moisturized, but when I heard the call, “HAND MODEL”, it was time to spring into action.  Now the fun begins.  How does one make it look like my arm is actually Frances?  And how do you account for the fact that I’m about one shade from albino and she has a beautiful sun-kissed glow?

You can be the judge of our retouching ability next week when the new styles launch at SmashingOnline.


549203_10151502282893092_1342736260_nA day later, we were at a magazine cover shoot with a group of friends.  9 am call and champagne is flowing. You know this is going to produce some good blog fodder.  They wanted to shoot a cover where Boss and I were in the front and 6 ladies were fanning out behind us (think bowling pins).  They wanted to try different looks, serious, fun, energetic, etc.  The first one they wanted was serious.  Having been named “Class Comedian” in high school, this took a lot of concentration on my part.

“Spinner, try to look more like Boss,” the photographer would direct.

Ok, that doesn’t help me since we are standing back to back.

“Spinner, don’t smile.  Just smile with your eyes.” He tried to direct next

I have NO IDEA what that means.

“Spinner, close your mouth.  No smiling! Just use your eyes.” He’d say with growing frustration.

Close my mouth?!  When was the last time I kept my mouth shut?!

The pose to the left is my “smiling eyes” shot.  Notice I still can’t keep my mouth shut.  Apparently it was not a keeper, as I did not see it on the short list this week.


307335_447782645293279_555677078_nWe need to do a big THANK YOU to all our friends that helped make our photo shoot happen, especially Punja that put up with a lot of jeers.  Our photographer had a hard time with Pooja’s name and so just decided to call her Punja.  Maybe it was the champagne, maybe it was the bright lights, but the entire group of ladies at the shoot found this hysterical.

It was even funnier, when he would direct ‘Punja” multiple times.

“Punja move to the left, more, Punja keep moving to the left,” he would say, “Don’t worry I’m going to crop some of you out.”  LOL

Can’t wait to see the cover and if Punja made the cut.

Our new Spring line will be online this Monday at SmashingOnline.  Be sure to sign up at our website for our email offers; you don’t want to be cut!

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