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As much as I disagree, I agree completely…

April 10, 2013

When you’re a partnership there are times where there are going to be differences of opinion, and in fact debate is often a good thing for product and business improvement.  After the dreaded, and now hysterical, knock-down, drag-out debate over fonts early on, Spinner and I have both learned to disagree better – we let you comment and vote!

We’re in the process of upgrading our website, and while we’re 95% in agreement of the major direction the web needs to change for the future, there are a couple things that we disagree on.  So in no particular order:


1. Round or Square Social Media buttons?  (OK, Not all of these disagreements are earth-shattering!)

Twitter buttons




2. Bubblegum Pink vs Raspberry Pink for highlight text?  Or Neither?




3. Now the real question we really would love your comments.  Below is a mock-up of our new homepage – Do you like the Stripes or not?  One of us got the email, albeit before caffeine and at 5:30 am, and saw the example and thought, “This isn’t going to work….” and forward the mock-up to the other with the question, “Ignoring the stripes, which got to go, what are your comments?”.

Within 10 minutes the reply was – “I LOVE the Stripes!”.  So Smashing readers – help up break this tie! (‘Tho web guy loves the stripes too, so he might have to be the tie-breaker!)




Have a Smashing Day!

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  1. tenniswall permalink
    April 10, 2013 11:48 am

    Circle, raspberry & STRIPES! Besides, research shows that sales & mktg dept are more productive when stripes are on their homepage

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