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Why Made in America is better.

April 19, 2013

Made in USAThis will be a short blog and at a less than ideal posting time but I wanted to share my experience today with our factory in Chicago and why Made in USA is better.  There are the obvious reasons I support whole heartedly our Made in the USA position. including the benefits to the economy by creating American jobs with Better labor conditions for workers. But there are sound business reasons as well.

I went into our factory in Chicago today and was told that a few items were not quite ready for our order.  After spending time stuck in traffic on the Kennedy today, my initial reaction was annoyance.  But they explained that they had 99% of order ready and wanted to show me a couple of pieces that were not quite ready.  There were 2 shirts that had microscopic stains that they had already sent to the dry cleaners to have the spot unsuccessfully removed, so were going to recut the soiled sections, and a skirt that had a crooked seam that only they and I would know about – it would be considered straight at any outfit you would buy manufactured in a sweatshop overseas.

I quickly got over my annoyance and said that’s fine – I’d bring what they had done and would gladly come back for the other items when they were perfectly Smashing.

I know I was recently talking to a customer this week at a trunk show about my favorite Smashing houndstooth skirt – I have honestly washed and worn this skirt 100 times in the past 2  years and it’s still in great condition.  I attribute it to the US-milled fabrics, the Made in USA manufacturing and of course our Smashing designs.  (Plus, don’t tell anyone – I ignore our care labels and DO put my skirt in the dryer!)

So please tell your friends – Smashing is designed in Illinois, made from US-milled fabrics and manufactured in Chicago, even our zippers are made in Georgia – plus hides your muffin top.  What would you rather wear?

Have a Smashing weekend

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