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A Smashing Intern – All in a Day’s work

May 29, 2013

We’ve hired 2 wonderful interns for the summer here at Smashing Golf & Tennis and gave them the challenge of introducing themselves via blog – all in a day’s work.  Here we welcome Smashing intern #1 Claire – we hope that she has a great summer with us.


7 Things You Didn’t Know About The New Design Intern….

1. I just got my first car last week and I already love her! Yes, she’s a her! She is a 2000 Toyota Rav4 with a jungle green paint job that inspired me to name her “Ivy”. She has a cassette deck, A/C and a sunroof; what more could I want for my first car? Ivy is now in close company in our full driveway of Toyotas. Two Camrys, a Rav4 and a Sienna….Think we have a favorite??

2. This internship is the last thing I need to finish my Bachelor’s Degree in Apparel Merchandising from Illinois State University. Even though I don’t get my diploma until August, I got to walk in the graduation ceremony two weeks ago. I tend to get sentimental about these types things and I really enjoyed it!

3. I was on the swim and badminton teams in high school. I was one of the few swimmers that didn’t join the water polo team during the spring. I definitely had the arm for throwing the polo ball but I didn’t have the strong legs to keep myself afloat…. I also wasn’t ruthless enough to play with the other girls. They can get really mean underwater! They bring out the claws and elbow each other in the chest… I’m glad to have steered clear of that!

4. For someone who’s a fashion major, I love sitting around in sweats and a t-shirt! I still like to get dressed up but more often than not I am in a t-shirt or a $5 v-neck from Target.

5. I LOVE movies… I stalk and I have a subscription to Entertainment Weekly. I remember the smallest details about movies, TV and music better than I remember things from class! Sometimes I can even recognize an actor by their voice.

6. I absolutely love Mexican food. Quesadillas with salsa and chips was a staple for me in my apartment down at school. Now that I’m home, there is this great restaurant in downtown Palatine called Mexico Uno that has awesome burritos and margaritas!

7. Throughout high school and college I went on 8 week long volunteer trips and 3 weekend trips. In high school the trips were with my church youth group. We went to Florida, Mississippi (Katrina relief), Jamaica, West Virginia, and Tennessee. In college it was a part of an organization called Alternative Breaks. I went to Florida and Oklahoma during two Spring Breaks and to New Orleans during a Winter Break. The 3 weekend trips were during the semesters and we went to Joplin, MO, the Quad Cities, and the Indiana Dunes. These trips were some of my best memories from the last eight years and I hope to find a way to continue going on these types of trips in the future.

8. I am really excited to be working with Smashing Golf & Tennis this summer!

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