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French Open Semifinals – Don’t think Anyone will be Wearing just a bra!

June 5, 2013

France Tennis French OpenStill trying to get over the shock of former #1 Federer losing to Tsonga in French Open quarterfinals yesterday, but looking forward to the Nadal vs Djokovic semifinal on Friday morning – the winner to be the heavy favorite to win in the favorite vs the Ferrer/Tsonga semi.

Read more about the upcoming Men’s and Women’s semifinals here at Sports Divas.

And look for the special Smashing offer to Sports Divas readers.

But  now back to me….My summer tennis partner and I felt a bit like Federer today, losing our opening match on the clay today.  We’re still not sure how if happened, nor are our fellow tennis ladies, because every time they looked over at our score, we were winning.  How does that happen?

"The Caddy" episode

“The Caddy” episode

First of all – before the match started, the opponents on court 2 were taking their clothes off!  During the summer tennis league, you must wear 75% white and unfortunately one of the other team wore a black top and a white skirt.

So she took off her black top and was sitting there in her light-colored bra – RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE COURT!  We all did suggest that it might be OK for her to wear the black top, rather than the skin colored bra during her match.

So she took off the jacket she put on to cover her bra and stood there again in just her bra to put her black shirt back on.

Reminds me of the Seinfeld “Caddy” episode where Elaine’s friend wears a bra as a top and distracts everyone.

Secondly – one of our opponent was a big shopper and complimenting me on my Smashing gear.  So Spinner would be proud as I went into full sales mode giving her the sales schpeel between every game, but perhaps I got too distracted with the sale and lost focus on the tennis – especially as she started to ask a question every chance.  She better buy something!

Thirdly – There was the rain delay and we never really got our mojo back afterwards and lost our lead.  The A team took a rain delay, and so did our court. But the other 2 courts of our team kept playing throughout the rain. (Note – We NOT on the A-team!)  Perhaps the A-team, due to their practice time in the bunker, know how to get back into the game after a delay – but we never did, so our teammates were wise to keep playing.

BirdsFourth – I was attacked by a bird!  OK – Not actually, but there were Hitchcock like birds circling around while I was trying to serve and almost landed on my ball.

So we got our entire summer’s worth of excuses out in the first match – so we’re not going to lose another match this summer.

And after a serious evaluation of the match over a couple of G&T’s, we’ve figured out what went wrong, we now got a plan and we’re not telling – Bring it on Biltmore ladies!

Have a Smashing Day!

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