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Introducing Wacky Rule Wednesday – Comment to Enter Drawing

July 16, 2013
Classic John McEnroe

Classic John McEnroe

Spinner and I have had a very interesting summer season thus far, with us comparing notes on some questionable and often wacky calls by our opponents.

As we were recalling some of these situations with some friends today, we thought that we would dedicate Wednesdays to the “Wacky Rule” and would love your input.  We’ll describe a scenario that we’ve experienced on either the tennis court or golf course and ask what you would do in this situation.

There will often be USTA or USGA rules that govern the situation, but often times there will be social rules that will allow a much broader definition of a situation.

Here’s this week’s tennis scenario: Verbal Hinderance

During a competitive league match I unfortunately popped up the ball to the opponent’s net player.  The net player was lining up to put the overhead away, when her partner screams “HIT HER!” in a menacing voice, referring to aim her shot in order to hit me with the ball in order to win the point.  I was extremely distracted by her partner and missed what I might have ordinarily been able to return.

  • Has anything like this happened to you?
  • What was the outcome?
  • What should I have done?
  • What is the official USTA rule in this regard?

We’ll provide the resolution on what happened on the court, and what should have happened per the USTA rules on our Facebook page, so be sure to like us at Smashing.

If commenting on our blog and/or Facebook comment is not enough of an incentive, everyone that comments will be entered into a drawing at the end of each month for a 50% off their next order at Smashing Golf & Tennis.

Have a Smashing week.

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