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Conference Calls in the Shower

July 28, 2013

Janet LeighAs you can tell by the gap between blogs – It’s been a busy, busy summer here at Smashing Golf & Tennis.

While we are used to multi-tasking, we have now taken it to the next exponential level of tasking here.  Would that be poly-tasking? Omni-tasking?

So when Spinner called me Sunday morning after a conversation with our pattern maker, I was curious on the outcome, so answered the call.  A few minutes into the call, I mentioned to her that I was currently also in the shower and could she hold a minute while I rinsed the shampoo from my hair!

Guess Spinner didn’t realize we were having our update while I was multi-tasking, so she suggested that I might want to call her back in 5 minutes for the rest of the update.

So threw on my robe and called her back – but had to get ready for a family event, so needed to get ready.

So we were discussing a few new color options on our new Emma skirt for tennis, and I absent-mindedly started my electric tooth – I think Spinner wasn’t quite sure what was going on, but let it slide.

We finished that agenda item and then moved on to discussing some design changes to our Kate skort, I checked the clock and knew I needed to start blow drying my hair if i was going to be on time. So I threw my phone on the loudest speaker setting and started to style my hair.

I must say that we got a lot accomplished and since we’ve had a hard time coordinating our schedules the last few weeks to have a face-to-face status meeting in the “office” – and we were very productive, I’m thinking that all status meetings will be conducted in my bathroom from now on!

Do you think I’ll be able to deduct my soap and shampoo as a business expense?

Have a Smashing week!

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2013 Copyright Smashing LLC

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