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At the Fore-front: Golf Fashion Trends

September 3, 2013
michelle collar drawing

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Women can find choosing fashionable clothing for golf difficult. You want to look your best and show your sense of personal style, but you also want freedom of movement. Sometimes these two objectives can be hard to find in the same garment.

This is further complicated by strict dress codes at many private country clubs, which can dictate very conservative styles requiring collared shirts that look like menswear and shorts/skirts of an “appropriate and tasteful length”.

Fortunately we’re seeing more and more female golfers bucking the trend to dress like men on the course with typical polo shirts, etc., and looking to be more fashion forward, yet comfortable while playing.

For example, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model and American pro golfer on the LPGA tour Natalie Gulbis is known for her short skirts.  While Gulbis sometimes creates a bit of controversy from more traditional players, most of the younger players welcome her breaking new ground.

Besides, shorter skirts and shorts do allow more movement and allow you to move freely when playing – although, remember that shorts with built-in shorts, i.e. skorts, are best for practical and modesty purposes.

Not quite ready to bear all but still looking to be more fashion forward?

There are some trends from the 2013 New York Fashion Week that can be incorporated into your golf attire.

Prints:  After a few seasons of large floral designs, classic prints like houndstooth and herringbone were seen on the runway and can be found in the designs by USA brand Smashing Golf & Tennis in both shorter “Maddie” and longer “Kathryn” skorts with coordinating tops available.

Colors:  Steel blue, elegant eggplant, and silver/grey tones are hot colors and are flattering on most women.  Mix things up from the more traditional colors and try one of more of these new hot colors on the course.

Ruffles:  Another big 2013 style trend is ruffles.  Now too many ruffles on the course could interfere with your game, but a cute flouncy ruffle on the bottom of your skirt could be just enough to add a bit of femininity to a traditionally menswear inspired game.

Color-blocking:  Along with choosing fashionable colors, the color-clocking trend remains strong.  When the design is done right, color-blocking can be very figure flatting, even creating an illusion of an hourglass figure.  The Smashing “Colleen” color-blocked skort w/ coordinating tops creates just that illusion.

Styles:  Dresses are always in style, but are also making an appearance on the golf course.  The best golf dress is both comfortable and stylish, made to be easy to wear on and off the course.

It’s important for golf apparel designers to remember that golf is a sport.  So in addition to designing with fashion in mind, golf brands need to incorporate great fabrics that provide technical benefits such as compression and moisture-wicking, plus the right amount of stretch to enable a greater range of motion to your swing.

Remember when you are looking your best, you will feel more confident on the golf course and that can only help your enjoyment of the game, and hopefully your score.

So make the most of your game by introducing these fashion trends into your golf wardrobe.

Have a Smashing Day.

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  1. September 3, 2013 2:41 pm

    Reblogged this on theladies19th.

  2. September 6, 2013 11:36 pm

    Quite fashionable in style. Sometimes its too hard to look for the right clothing that fits perfectly on you plus the color and the fabric that you want. The fabric is very important because you need to be comfortable through out the game. Thank you for your tips!

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