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Tennis Styles for the Thirty & Forty Something Crowd

September 12, 2013

Blue Trudy & Eleanor

Tennis stars such as Serena Williams, Maria Sharapova, Caroline Wozniacki, and Maria Kirilenko are glamorous both on and off the court.

The main tennis brands are designed to fit professional athlete’s bodies, and that doesn’t always translate to a good look for the rest of us, regardless of our personal fitness level.  It’s just a matter of fact, as we age and have children – a women’s body is different, regardless of the number of days running around on the court and/or hours of Pilates.

So how does a fashionable 30 or 40-something look fabulous on the court, without looking like she’s wearing her daughter’s clothes?

Until recently, this meant they had a choice between more conservative and basic looking “frumpy” styles or wearing the fashionable styles designed for a professional athlete and 20-somethings in mind.

The secret?  Of course the tennis designs from Smashing Golf & Tennis!

This is the Smashing Difference – Fashionable designs elements that embrace a women’s body – highlighting the good, while minimizing the bad.

Compression Shorts:  A secret inner layer of compression that will help camouflage visible bumps and lumps and does away with the dreaded “muffin top”. An added benefit is that compression also works to keep your muscles warm to enhance performance and recovery.

Technical Design Elements:  Princess seams and front ruching on tops create a visually slimming effect, for example. Additionally, more conservative racer-back design that still shows off lovely shoulders, but has a bit more coverage in the front to hide the dreaded armpit fat.

Color-Blocking: Color-blocking is a big fashion trend these days.  When employed vertically, the effect can be very slimming and create an hour-glass appearance.

Skirt length: Typical tennis skirts can be very short.  Adding just an inch or two the length can be more flattering, without being frumpy.  Another secret is to graduate the hem, so that it’s slightly longer in the back than the front.  Too often, women don’t check out the rear view in their tennis skirts.

Fabrics:  Buttery soft fabrics that have stretch, but are not clingy are a great option.  Additionally, traditional, classic solids and prints such as houndstooth and herringbone are very flattering.  Coupled with technical qualities such as moisture-wicking and sun protection, the right fabrics make tennis fashions with these qualities a good find.

But just because there are design elements that can help make tennis fashions more flattering, doesn’t mean that there isn’t fashion forward styling as well.  Women will still find skirts styles with fun pleats, feminine ruffles, and great pops of fun colors like bright pinks and blues in the Smashing Golf & Tennis line to satisfy the fashionista in them.

Women can continue to look great on the court, they just need to find the right styles to enhance their figures and they will score big.

Have a Smashing Day!


Photo Credit: Mike Caplan

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