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Biting my “I Told You So” Tongue…

December 13, 2013

Biting my “I Told You So” Tongue…Or I guess I’m not!

We’re excited to say that Smashing Golf & Tennis was featured in Crain’s Chicago Business last week in the article So, Chicago entrepreneurs: What’s your resolution for 2014?

We were thrilled to be included in this hometown feature, but was a bit leery of the photo shoot that Kelly and photographer planned.

Crain’s Chicago Business is the nation’s pre-eminent regional business newspaper and as such has a business focused readership. I had envisioned a fun, but professional looking photo should accompany it – perhaps something like the look from our photo shoot earlier this year.

However, there were other photo ideas underway and I was not going to be able to stop the train. The plan was for us to pose on a tennis court in our Smashing outfits.

Yikes! My initial thoughts was that there was no way that I was going to have my pale post-50 legs with my non-Lululemon thighs on display in a major newspaper.  Smashing apparel DOES make you look and play your best on the court and course, but it does not (yet) remove varicose veins or cellulite.  Kelly was not going to be swayed and was promising me some minor photoshopping.  Easy for her to say in her early-40 6ft tall legs, but I told her I’d think about it.

Over a glass of wine, I was starting to get over my initial body consciousness – as I’m sure photoshop could handle pasty, veiny legs.  But then started to wonder whether men would be asked to pose in skimpy clothes in a business newspaper – so for the sake of women everywhere (and still worried about my legs!), I send Kelly a long email about my views on women’s rights, etc….  No reply, but she’s probably getting her beauty sleep for tomorrow. I on the other hand will have bags under my eyes, since I’m worrying about this shoot in the morning.

I arrive at the photo shoot and it appears that Kelly has already briefed the photogragher Steve about my trepidations.  Steve promised that he would take only flattering photos and I confirmed with him that he owns Photoshop.  He gave me the bad news that newspapers do not/cannot edit the photos, as they must abide by some code of journalistic ethics.  Argh – Ethics are always causing me problems!

But true to his word, Steve positions himself high on a tennis ump chair to have a flattering view of us and tries to have us pose in a way to put our best foot forward.  I did claim dibs to stand BEHIND the tennis net, this was Kelly’s idea – the least she could do was stand in front of the net.

We had a fun time and the South Barrington Club ladies on the next courts also got in the background.

So now we wait until publication date in a few days.

This is the email from Kelly when it’s published – “Crain’s out. Don’t like how I look!! Ugh”


Have a Smashing Weekend.

Photo Credit: Stephen J. Serio



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