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Happy New Year and the Importance of Table Feng Shui

January 3, 2014

Happy New Year and the time for resolutions. The last few months we’ve been very busy and have not been blogging as much as we would like – I’m sure you’ve been missing our posts.

We’re also at a conundrum – We originally started this blog in our very early days of Smashing, even before we had designed, made or sold anything. We just had a name, an idea, determination and our early supporters cheering us on.

Our early followers loved to hear about us learning things the hard and usually humorous way and we were not afraid of a “tell all” approach, even at our own expense and embarrassment.  Good thing Kelly and I have a sense of humor.

On the cusp of success, however, we are left wondering if these funny stories are the right image going forward and whether it’s time to change the focus of the blog to something more professional. However, those stories are not as compelling and are harder to write (and probably for you to read). So do we go with a respectable and professional blog? Or do we go with something funny and sometimes embarrassing?

I know I’ve been racking my brain to think of serious subjects that would interest our followers.  I got nothing – so I’m choosing the latter, because I think funny is what you want to hear and I hope you will continue to cheer us on and help Smashing Golf & Tennis be an even bigger success in 2014.  We have big growth plans this year, but also still plan on having fun and I’m sure still will have many laughable moments to share.  Some of our stories might not be directly related to Smashing, but be our fun experiences with our Smashing supporters. This is one such blog.

This has been a big year for me personally.  Don’t tell anyone, but I celebrated my 50th birthday a couple months ago and I want to thank everyone who participated in the Jayne-palooza – it was something to remember and kicked off in style at our favorite post tennis hangout the Lucky Monk.

Now I love this place and my tennis friends can be found there often after a day on the court.  On any weekday, you’re bound to see post-match ladies in their tennis outfits either celebrating or commiserating over a beer or glass of wine. In fact, my good friend Meg and I have our own table in the bar on Wednesdays and our favorite bartender Candi.   We love Candi, as she doesn’t even have to wait for us to order and knows to put in the order of truffle fries as soon as she sees us. Meg also learned the hard way that I have my own chair at our table!

Seems I always made it to the bar first to make sure we got our favorite table and over the past couple years, she and I have sat in the same seats each time at said table. A couple weeks ago, as we were celebrating our last tennis match before the holidays, she got there first and excitedly texted me that she’s staked a claim on THE TABLE.

I admit that the table is really my issue – everyone else will sit just about anywhere. I’m sure someone will share the story about me moving my birthday grouping of 12 people from the restaurant area to the bar because it didn’t feel right.

Anyway, I walk into the bar and see her proudly sitting at our table, but in MY SEAT. It wasn’t until that moment that I knew I had a seat, but it seems I do. I wasn’t going to let on because that would take crazy to a new level, so sat in HER seat.

For about 5 minutes, I tried to listen to her story, but I couldn’t focus. So I was forced to admit that this seating arrangement wasn’t going to work and that we needed to change places if there was any chance I was going to be able to pay attention.

Somehow she wasn’t surprised at this odd request, as she had wondered when she sat down if we did indeed have assigned seats at this table.  Of course she discounted that notion as absurd, but I guess it wasn’t. Thankfully, once we switched places and our truffle fries arrived with our glasses of Kim Crawford – all was good in life and we could turn our attention to solving world problems for the rest of the afternoon.

Thanks for being a Smashing supporter, looking Smashing in our apparel and putting up with some idiosyncrasies and understanding the importance of the table feng shui.

Have a Smashing New Year!

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