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Nicole’s Golfing Video Experience

June 5, 2014

Intern Nicole had the opportunity to pose for some Smashing video we’re shooting last week by Eliot Raymond Photography.  This is her story:

Last week I had such a great opportunity to be a model for a day. I have always wondered what it would be like to do a photo shoot and I was very fortunate to try it out last Tuesday for Smashing Golf and Tennis.

Being a female college golfer is something I am extremely proud. I have worked for countless hours on my swing and my short game, but for the first time in my life I had someone taking a video of my swing, not for me to analyze, but instead for the world to see!

It was a really perfect day out at Biltmore Country Club, the temperature was perfect and I was extremely pleased to be able to be outside swinging and hitting golf balls.

The first thing I realized as we started filming was how different it is to be hitting a tee shot with someone with a large video camera is circling around me. What if I hit the worst shank of my life and hit him? It really was something different.

Our photographer Eliot was extremely nice and easy to work with. It was definitely helpful having Kelly on the sidelines telling us jokes and making our laughs genuine and not as uncomfortable in front of the camera. I also must admit that I got a lot of practice done and it was pretty well-rounded! I hit a bunch of tee shots, some approaches, practiced a few sand shots and putted from many different lengths. The pressure to make a putt really is a lot stronger when you have a camera filming!

It was a great experience being a model for a day and I cant wait to see the final photo results! Hope the photos look just as Smashing as the clothes.

Thanks Nicole and Eliot – I’m sure the video is going to be Smashing.  Don’t forget to use code NICOLE25 to receive 25% off your online order at

Smashing Blacks Diana Ruffle Ad web

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    Behind the scenes at the making of Smashing Golf & Tennis Kickstarter video.

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