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My Smashing Interview with Katie Mundy

June 19, 2014

Q: When did you start playing golf? And what sparked your love of the game?

KM: I started playing around the age of 8. My cousin and I are a week apart in age and he started taking lessons which sparked my interest. My aunt and uncle gave me a club to practice with and then I started going to lessons with my cousin and about 5 other friends that I grew up (one of which was my best girl friend and we ended up playing and competing against each other until the age of 18 which was great fun). My dad eventually got me my first membership at Dunwood Manor GC around the age of 11. My parents used to take me to see the men’s European Tour at Wentworth and the Women’s British Open when it was at Sunningdale. I think seeing the professionals playing is what really made me start to love the game.

Q: What is your favorite golf memory?

KM: I have lots of great golf memories especially from playing team golf, but the best was probably winning my first major, the English Mid-amateur Championship, with my dad caddying for me in 2009.

Q: What do you look for in golf clothing?

KM: The main things i look for in golf clothing are:





Smashing has everything I look for in golf clothing. It is hard to find stylish golf clothing that has pockets and Smashing has done a great job at incorporating these into their designs. A lot of women’s golf clothing is very boxy looking; Smashing shapes and slims which is great.

Q: Which Smashing Golf and Tennis apparel item do you like the best and why?

KM: I am in love with my Diana Ruffle Skort. It is so comfortable and different from a lot of other golf skorts out there, and best of all it is slimming. My favourite Smashing top is the collared Michelle. The fact that it is almost a razorback (but not quite) gives it an edge over a lot of collared golf shirts. Best of all the solid colours can be paired with almost anything in my wardrobe which is great.

Q: What is your favorite club? Why?

KM: I like all my clubs but my 7 iron and I spend a lot of time together! I tend to practice a lot with my 7 iron especially when working on my swing. I think it is just a habit that has stuck from my coach telling me as a kid to hit my mid-iron. Over the last few years I have actually had 2 7iron heads fly off down the driving range and been left standing with just the shaft.

Q: What is the best advice for all the women golfers of every skill level?

KM: The best advice I can give to any golfer is to spend as much time as you can on the putting green. Putting is where a score can be made and matches can be won. Other than that have fun! Golf is a game for life and a great way to meet new people.


A big thanks to Katie Mundy!


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