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Kicking It with Kickstarter (Your EXTRA Reward)

August 21, 2014

We are very excited as we launched our Kickstarter campaign this week.  We are looking to raise money ($20,000 to be exact) to develop new products, create jobs here in Chicago and to help manage our growth.

But we really need to thank all of our fans, friends and family for being a Smashing support system.  Whether you were modeling, making the first Smashing purchase or just listening to all of our crazy stories, you have made this a ride we want to continue.

10441383_10152119839001402_3769942103458289052_nNew to Smashing?

If this is your first time reading about Smashing, welcome!  Smashing was developed after a few pomegranate martinis when we decided that golf & tennis wear was very unflattering.  We joked, “When is Spanx going to make some tennis wear?”  But being the impatient people that we are, we decided we were going to do it ourselves and so launched a worldwide, multibillion dollar empire (ok, not quite yet, but that’s what Kickstarter is for).

PicsArtBut the magic with Smashing is that it not only makes you look better, but the patent pending inner layer also helps your performance by keeping key muscles warm and engaged.

We have been fortunate enough to have many pros wear our line on course including Big Break Winer Jackie Stoelting, Katie Dillard (Mundy), Sara “No H” Brown, Mallory Blackwelder, Ashley Grier and Alexandra Casi.

Smashing Fans Extra Reward

Now the hard sell, seems that Kickstarter will promote you after you have a certain number of backers (not $$, just backers), so if you are able to donate $10 or more, Managing Partner Jayne Drew, will do an ice bucket challenge in your honor.  This offer is good only until Labor Day — so let’s see how soaked we can make her (we may need to design some scuba wear).

Thanks again Smashing fans!  We love you all.10352788_10152080245296402_2415806812871435714_n

Here is the link again to view and donate to our Kickstarter campaign

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