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Our New Intern Laughs Like a Dolphin

December 18, 2014

We are excited to introduce our new intern Andrea Nicholson.  She is currently studying at Miami of Ohio, so we only have her for a few short weeks where she will be taking over our social media barrage. (So any complaints about the jokes this month should be directed to her.)

Here are a few fun facts about Andrea written by her and unedited.  I can tell you I have heard the dolphin, but haven’t gotten it too high pitched yet.  That is my own personal goal this winter break.

  1. My first fun fact when asked is always the same. I am Greek. One hundred percent. If you have ever seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding, contrary to popular belief, I can attest that everything in that movie is completely true.
  2. I love to laugh. The only downside is that I laugh like a dolphin. It is so high-pitched and loud that my Dad likes to call it a cackle. Even though I probably damaged their hearing, my peers in high school voted me for “Best Laugh” and I won by a landslide.
  3. I just finished my first semester as a freshman at Miami University of Ohio where I plan to double major in Marketing and Psychology. I am still shocked that I am an eighth of the way done with my time at Miami!
  4. At six years old, I fell in love with tennis and I have been an ardent player, fan and fashionista ever since. I wore the same ruffled, teal Nike tennis skirt during every Sunday lesson. It was by far my favorite, but I had so many others. Mom, why’d you let me do that? (ok, I have to insert a comment here, Nike?!?!  We are going to need to upgrade you to Smashing 🙂
  5. While I don’t play at a club anymore, I never miss the opportunity to kick my guy friends’ butts when they ask to play! Well, it’s more like me challenging them to play. I think they’re all too scared of my mean serve to ask me anymore.
  6. My middle name is Nicole. My brother’s is Nicholas. (It’s a Greek thing.)
  7. If I were an animal I would be a peacock. The bird’s vibrant colored feathers are one of the only matches for my vivacious, outgoing personality. I have heard some zoo horror stories about how vicious they can be, but I assure you that (other than my mean tennis serve) I do not associate with that side of peacocks.
  8. Along those same lines, one of my favorite movie quotes has to be from The Other Guys when Mark Wahlberg pleads with his boss, “You can’t keep me cooped up in here, okay?! I am a peacock, you gotta let me fly!”
  9. When I was younger my favorite characters in all the Disney princess movies were never the princesses. Oh, no. I adored the villains. Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty and Ursula from The Little Mermaid tied for first place. Looking back, I’m not really sure why I loved them so much.
  10. Fast forward fifteen or so years to this past semester. I delved into many organizations and clubs at Miami—my favorite being Women In Business, where I landed the Faculty Relations Chair and work with the VP of Professional Development. I cannot wait to see where that role takes me next semester and am equally excited to be a Smashing intern this winter!

Welcome Andrea to our growing team.

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