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Why I’m Making My New Year’s Resolution Stick This Year

January 8, 2015

The following blog was written by Smashing’s Social Media Intern Andrea Nicolson….

“You know, Andrea, if you ever stop playing tennis, you’re going to get fat,” whispered my grandmother as I plopped a hefty piece of pie on my plate one Sunday family dinner. Not really listening to her, I laughed it off “Thanks, Yiayia!”

Smashing_10|27|2013_1636-2While that was years ago, my grandmother’s comment always tugs a little at my conscience when I decide to go for some dessert—so much so that in 2015, I have set out to not only be more health conscious, but change my perspective about being healthy.

I’ve always struggled with going to the gym. It’s never really been a habit of mine or something I enjoyed. When I did go, I would purposely forget to wear my contacts to the gym so I wouldn’t recognize anyone I knew. If I can’t see them, they can’t see me, right?

Eating healthy never really worked out for me either. I tried counting my calories on an app, but I was never quite honest. If I ate something that would put me over my set amount of calories, I would simply leave it out of my daily entry—pretend I never even ate it.

My problem with exercising and eating healthy was that I was strictly unmotivated. I have recently had some revelations that make staying healthy a lot less of a chore.

Grab a buddy!

My best friend and I were texting about resolutions. We were making fun of people who say that are going to work out more in the coming year. Usually they only end up going to the gym the first week of the New Year (they, meaning me and my BFF). She sarcastically goes, “OMG we have to go to the Y together tomorrow morning!!!! Gotta get a head start for our resolution!!” Not a bad idea, I thought. I told her that we should do it. If I decided this on my own, I would never follow through. Because we were going together, we were holding each other accountable to actually wake up and go. With a buddy, I am more likely to want to work out. We have been working out ever together ever since. We even found partner exercises to do!

Spice it up!

I found a bag of rice cakes in our pantry the other day—only the blandest of bland—and normally, I would never gravitate toward that. But for some reason I did this time. I rummaged around for some food to make my snack fun. I spread peanut butter on the boring old rice cake and topped it with some bananas. Before, my idea of a fun snack was leftover dessert from Sunday dinner—nix that! Not only was it fun forming the bananas into a smiley face, but even more fun devouring the little guy.

Go shopping!

Just after the holiday, I went to the mall and saw the cutest pair of pants. There was just one problem. They were one size too small, but I bought them regardless. Once I got home, I placed the pants on my nightstand as a motivator. Those pants are the first and last thing I think about every day serving as a constant reminder to work out. I also bought myself cute workout clothes to be even more pushed to go to the gym. I found clothes that I feel comfortable in to make me feel confident (just like Smashing!).

At this point (if you’re still reading), I’d like to thank my grandmother. Without you, Yiayia, this blog would not have been possible.

Thanks for helping me build up my self-confidence after you ever-so graciously tore it down. I’ve grown. So much, in fact, that I might consider wearing contacts to the gym again.

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