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5 Weird Golf Rules and Why You Should Know Them

January 22, 2015

While most of us are still buried in snow and only dreaming of birdies and bogeys, golf season is just around the corner and it is time to brush up on some of those unique rules that are bound to happen at some point during your round.

With over 100 sections and subsections and not to mention the 2,000 explanatory cases, the rules of game are quite complex. Here is just a select few of the wackiest, most unusual rules in golf.


You can hit your opponent…



If a player hits an opponent standing out-of-bounds with his/her shot and the ball lands out-of-bounds, there is no penalty. He/she is entitled to replay his shot.





But you can’t hit yourself

Interestingly enough, if a player hits him/herself with the ball a two-stroke penalty is instated. Note to self: whenever you need to take out some anger on the course, feel free to aim for that guy standing just out-of-bounds. Remember to yell “Fore!” warning the potential victim to maintain proper golf etiquette.



Swing carefully

Unknown-1If your clubhead falls off during the backswing, and you complete your swing but miss the ball, it doesn’t count as a stroke. If your clubhead falls during the downswing, and you complete the swing but miss the ball, it counts as a stroke. Backswing, downswing—it’s just a matter of milliseconds, right? C’mon.



Lands in the water, no problem!

UnknownLet’s say that you hit your ball into a lake, but instead of sinking or otherwise disappearing, it floats. You can either take the drop or strike at the moving ball (an exception to the Striking a Moving Ball rule), but you must do so without delay to prevent those who might who are suspicious to think that you used some kind of current to improve your ball’s position.

Keep that Ball Dirty



Think you can clean your ball off in the grass?  Think again.  You would be breaking a rule which says that you are testing the surface.




The rules may be strange, but definitely add to the sport’s character. Keep these rules in mind to give your golf game a little flair.

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  1. January 22, 2015 5:33 am

    Those rules are crazy. I did not know about hitting someone out-of-bounds or the falling club head. Thanks for the education.


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