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What Type of Golfer Are You?

May 28, 2015


Ever wonder what type of golfer you are? Are you the intense type that’s super competitive? Or are you the chill type that likes to pick up a game once in a while? Take the quiz below and make note of the ones you choose. At the bottom of the quiz you will find a description according to the answers you chose!

Let’s get started!

  1. It’s a beautiful sunny day, what are you doing?
    A. Poolside baby!
    B. Calling your girlfriends for a shopping day.
    C. Calling the golf course to schedule your afternoon game.
    D. No plans! Just going with the flow.
  2. Out of the blue, you are invited to play a round of golf. What do you do?
    A. Hah! Me? No way!
    B. Grab your newest Smashing dress and hit the course.
    C. Decline, you need more time to practice.
    D. Sure, you’re not doing anything today.
  3. You’re about to tee-off on the first, what club do you use?
    A. What’s a club?
    B. Putter
    C. Driver
    D. Wedge
  4. You turn on the TV and the golf channel is on, what do you do?
    A. Its just background noise to you.
    B. “What an awful outfit. Clearly they don’t buy Smashing!”
    C. Intently watch the tournament that’s on.
    D. Maybe start to practice your swing.
  1. You have just won a golf tournament!! What is your response?
    A. “Drinks on me! Let’s party!”
    B. “Wohoo! I knew this was my lucky outfit!”
    C. “I won!!!! You all need some practice!”
    D. “Great game! Can’t wait for next time!”
  2. How often do you practice your swing?
    A. About once a month…maybe.
    B. Whenever I’m on the course with my girlfriends.
    C. I don’t need to, I’m that good.
    D. Whenever I have a few minuets to spare.

Now that you have taken the quiz, tally up how many answers of each letter you circled. Once you have that number, match it up with one of the descriptions to find out what type of golfer you are!


Golf really isn’t your sport. Sure you will play once in a while, but you prefer tennis! Maybe even football is your sport of choice! What ever it may be, golf is certainly not for you!


There’s nothing like some new gossip around the country club to bring you out on the course! Your all about the ensemble and making sure your outfit matches your bag. You’re not that good at the game, but that doesn’t matter when you’re hanging with your girlfriends!


You hit the course whenever you can and are always practicing. It’s not just a game, to you it’s a lifestyle! You get a little competitive at times, but that’s only because you are training to be on the Masters! You’re not worried though because you know how good you are.


You just like to go with the flow. You like the game, but you don’t let it take over your life. You can be good at it if you wanted to be, but you have other things to worry about. You are a member of the club, but you might be more dedicated to another sport. You love a good game every now and again!


You like to golf, but you also hate to golf. You really can’t make up your mind about the sport. You play it sometimes and you’re kind of good, so you should like it. The quiet atmosphere freaks you out a little and makes you uncomfortable. If your going to play it has to be a perfect day! If one single thing goes wrong, you are out! 

Comment your answers below and share what kind of golfer you are! Thanks for playing everyone, have a Smashing day!

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