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DIY Golf Stroke Counter

July 9, 2015

Counting your golf strokes, such a simple thing…right? Well it might not be as easy as it looks. We are all guilty of it or at least have a friend who is. We lose count! There’s always that one golf game! You’re out on the course with your girlfriends, ice tea in hand. You’re about to make your final putt, but you suddenly realize…”what stroke am I on?” You easily got caught up in all the country club drama and the gossip about the hunky doctor next door. Let’s face it we know it happens. Even if you are still in denial about your pin sharp memory, I know we all have that one friend who we are pretty sure likes to fudge her score a little bit. Well, look no further! I am here to help! I have made a step-by-step guide of a DIY golf stroke counter. They’re fun, easy to make, and the perfect golf bag accessory!

What You Will Need:

  • String/rope/twine
  • Beads/marbles/charms
  • Key chain ring or clip
  • Scissors

eb0e82e347e234d93d9b18c192eb7638To begin simply take your choice of string, rope, or twine and tie it tightly to you key chain ring or clip. Using a slip knot will ensure that there are two sides of string hanging down. This is what you want! Make sure this knot is secure so that your beads do not fall off at the end.

Next, grab your first bead. Place the bead in the center with the two sides of string hanging down on either side of the bead. Loop the ends of your string through the holes on either side of the bead. The string on the right going through the right hole and out the left (of the bead). Vice versa for the other string side.7744f503785571dc547542d2befa7337

Continue to do this until you have used all of your desired beads. Make sure to alternate the way the strings are looping through the bead.

Once you have added all your beads you are ready to tie off the end of your key chain. Leave about an inch or so of empty string after your last maxresdefaultbead, and then tie it off with a knot! This will ensure that the beads will have space to move from when counting your strokes.

You did it! You are now finished with your stroke counter! Attach it to your golf bag or belt loop and you are ready for the course!37c9b65bae6c1d9d3ee1b73825b7a96b

Have a happy Thursday everyone! Stay Smashing!

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