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Tennis Elbow Stretches

July 16, 2015


Tennis elbow is one of the most common injuries of an avid tennis player. This discomfort is caused by the over working of the muscles in your arm. While it is very common, many do not know how to treat it. Here a few stretches to help you on the road to recovery! 

1. Wrist stretch:

Flex the wrist of the injured arm backward with your fingers pointing up and your palm away from your face. With the help of wrist-stretch-exercisesthe uninjured arm, pull back on the fingers of the injured arm with slight pressure. This slight pull will help stretch out those muscles! Hold pressure for about 15-20 seconds a repeat a few times each day.

2. Ball or sock squeeze:

This can be done using a small ball, pair of socks, or a stress ball (if you have it). Place the ball in the palm of the injured arm. Squeeze the ball while holding the pressure for about 10 seconds, then release. Do this exercise 10-12 times and repeat daily. You can also perform this 5136e227fdaeea4a4b3f73edc56a429fexercise on the uninjured arm to help strengthen it!

3. Elbow swing:

Bend the elbow of your injured arm slowly while bringing the palm toward your face. Then fully straighten the arm. If the elbow begins to hurt of have tension during this exercise, do not force it. Slow down and start again! Repeat 8-10 times!

4. Can hold:

Use a small can or a light weight (if you have it) and hold it in the hand of the injured arm. Begin to curl your wrist up and bend the elbow. Doing the same motion as a bicep curl. Do 10-15 sets of this. Once finished you can turn your wrist over and repeat the exercise the same way but with the back of your hand coming toward the face!

5. Palm press:

Straighten your injured arm out in front of you with the hand being flexed. Rotate the arm so your fingers are toward the ground and your forearm is up. Stand in front of a wall or door and begin to slowly press your hand onto the wall. Continue to press until your palm is flat to the surface. You should feel a slight pull in your forearm! Repeat this a few times each day!

6. Wrist rotation:

While extending the injured arm, hold your injured wrist in your other hand. Slowly begin to make small circles with your wrist.wrist-swing-trainer Rotating from the left to the right, then again from the right to the left. Do this about 20 times! Repeat 3 times daily!

 Have a Smashing day! 

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