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The Summer Bucket List!

July 30, 2015

Three months, 90 days, and 129600 minuets. The amount of time you have every year to make lasting memories with friends and family. While it may seem like a lot of time, boy does it fly by! Time really does fly when your having fun, so why not make it the most fun you’ve ever had. Whether your planning a summer of fun for the family, or wanting relaxing time off for yourself, there’s only one way to guarantee a day is never wasted. A BUCKET LIST! I have compiled a list of fun activities for nights out with the friends, family gatherings, or some sweet alone time! See what else you have to cross off your list before the summer is over!

1. Beach Day

Everyone loves a good beach day! Bring your family, your friends, or just yourself! Either way, it never disappoints. Pack a bag full of snacks, drinks, inner tubes and sunscreen and your ready to hit the sand. Make a “day-cation” out of it and pick a beach a little off the beaten path. The kids will think it’s a special occasion and you get an escape from reality!

2. Indulge in a New Book

Now is the time to pick up that book all your friends are talking about! Visit your local bookstore and pick up some from the top sellers list. Grab your favorite wine, a blanket, and your new book and you’re set for the night! Make a goal for yourself to finish a few before the summer is up!

3. S’mores

The crowd favorite. What’s not to like? No one can resist the gooey chocolate and marshmallow combo 🙂Smores2

4. Go Camping!

Trust me, it’s not as bad as it sounds. Here’s your chance to really escape from the real world. While this is fun to do as a family, if yours is anything like mine the car ride will be enough time together for the next month. I personally enjoy going with friends and making some awesome memories to remember for a life time. Nothing brings people closer together then sleeping on the ground and having nature as your bathroom!

5. Take a Hike



If you can’t commit to a full weekend of camping, this is an easy substitute. Take a day trip to a beautiful park and pack some snacks. Hike until you’re too tired to function, then relax and watch the sunset before driving home. I can guarantee the view is worth the sweat.

6. Hammock Nap

If you have never taken a nap in a hammock, you have never experienced the most amazing relaxation. Words can’t describe how great you will feel. Another perfect time to read that book you’ve been hearing about!

7. Drive-in Movie

Go old school this summer and take the family to a drive in movie. Bring your own snacks and a ton of blankets to make a drive-in-movie-2comfy nest in the back! The kids will love going with the family, or it could be a romantic date night for two!

Now that the summer is coming to a close, hurry up and get the memories in while you can. See what’s left on your summer bucket list and make it happen. Ready? Set? GO!

-Have a Smashing Summer

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