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Funniest Tennis Moments

June 11, 2015

Sharing with you some of the funniest captured tennis moments!


“Oh my, it’s coming right at us! Hit the ball!”

“AHHHHH! No, you hit it!”


Breathe girl! Breathe!


This looks like one of those photos where the eyes follow you everywhere.


Well, looks like someone did their stretches before their match today.


 I don’t know how he ended up on the ground, but i really hope he was able to hit the ball. 

the-funniest-tennis-moments It looks like he’s on a poster for an opera show and someone put a tennis racket in his hand.


I would hate to hear the tennis grunt that fueled this ball over the net. 

Have a Smashing Thursday!


Smashing Facts About Tennis

June 4, 2015

download (1)

Test your knowledge of tennis with these fun facts!

  1. Women who played in the first Wimbledon tournaments had to wear full-length dresses.

They clearly were in the need for some Smashing attire!

  1. Tiffany & Co. makes the U.S. Open Trophy.

Forget a Tiffany ring, I’ll take an engagement trophy please!

  1. For the first one hundred years that modern tennis was played, the strings of the racquets were made from the guts of animals.

Am I the only one wondering how this was made possible? Tennis sure has come a long way!

  1. The fastest serve in the women’s tennis was done by Venus Williams who recorded a serve of 205 km/h.

I wonder if she won the match?

  1. Yellow tennis balls were used at Wimbledon for the first time in 1986.

Yellow and white were the only colors approved by the United States Tennis Association.

  1. A tennis ball weighs 2 ounces or 56.69 grams

Who knew so much power could be packed into such a small package?!

  1. The shortest player ever was Gertrude Hoahing, who stood 4 ft. 9 in. tall.

Poor guy, he nearly made it over the net!

  1. Tennis originated in Great Britain.

Alright, if you didn’t know this one you probably shouldn’t be playing tennis.

  1. Serena and Venus Williams became the first pair of sisters to win the Olympic gold in tennis.

Woohoo sister power!

  1. The longest match in the history of tennis was played between John Isner and Nicolas Mahut at Wimbledon in 2010. It lasted for about 11 hours.

Yesh! Talk about a work out!

As always, have a Smashing day!

What Type of Golfer Are You?

May 28, 2015


Ever wonder what type of golfer you are? Are you the intense type that’s super competitive? Or are you the chill type that likes to pick up a game once in a while? Take the quiz below and make note of the ones you choose. At the bottom of the quiz you will find a description according to the answers you chose!

Let’s get started!

  1. It’s a beautiful sunny day, what are you doing?
    A. Poolside baby!
    B. Calling your girlfriends for a shopping day.
    C. Calling the golf course to schedule your afternoon game.
    D. No plans! Just going with the flow.
  2. Out of the blue, you are invited to play a round of golf. What do you do?
    A. Hah! Me? No way!
    B. Grab your newest Smashing dress and hit the course.
    C. Decline, you need more time to practice.
    D. Sure, you’re not doing anything today.
  3. You’re about to tee-off on the first, what club do you use?
    A. What’s a club?
    B. Putter
    C. Driver
    D. Wedge
  4. You turn on the TV and the golf channel is on, what do you do?
    A. Its just background noise to you.
    B. “What an awful outfit. Clearly they don’t buy Smashing!”
    C. Intently watch the tournament that’s on.
    D. Maybe start to practice your swing.
  1. You have just won a golf tournament!! What is your response?
    A. “Drinks on me! Let’s party!”
    B. “Wohoo! I knew this was my lucky outfit!”
    C. “I won!!!! You all need some practice!”
    D. “Great game! Can’t wait for next time!”
  2. How often do you practice your swing?
    A. About once a month…maybe.
    B. Whenever I’m on the course with my girlfriends.
    C. I don’t need to, I’m that good.
    D. Whenever I have a few minuets to spare.

Now that you have taken the quiz, tally up how many answers of each letter you circled. Once you have that number, match it up with one of the descriptions to find out what type of golfer you are!


Golf really isn’t your sport. Sure you will play once in a while, but you prefer tennis! Maybe even football is your sport of choice! What ever it may be, golf is certainly not for you!


There’s nothing like some new gossip around the country club to bring you out on the course! Your all about the ensemble and making sure your outfit matches your bag. You’re not that good at the game, but that doesn’t matter when you’re hanging with your girlfriends!


You hit the course whenever you can and are always practicing. It’s not just a game, to you it’s a lifestyle! You get a little competitive at times, but that’s only because you are training to be on the Masters! You’re not worried though because you know how good you are.


You just like to go with the flow. You like the game, but you don’t let it take over your life. You can be good at it if you wanted to be, but you have other things to worry about. You are a member of the club, but you might be more dedicated to another sport. You love a good game every now and again!


You like to golf, but you also hate to golf. You really can’t make up your mind about the sport. You play it sometimes and you’re kind of good, so you should like it. The quiet atmosphere freaks you out a little and makes you uncomfortable. If your going to play it has to be a perfect day! If one single thing goes wrong, you are out! 

Comment your answers below and share what kind of golfer you are! Thanks for playing everyone, have a Smashing day!

Meet the Newest Member to the Smashing Team!

May 24, 2015

IMG_2407We are pleased to welcome our newest addition to the Smashing Team, Dana Hawking! Dana is our Social Media and PR intern for the summer! Dana is from Barrington, IL and just finished her sophomore year at the University of Missouri, where she studies Communications! She will be covering all the latest info with Smashing and giving everyone a little motivation along the way! Here to tell you a little bit more about her life is Dana herself!

Hi everyone! I am so excited to be a part of the Smashing team this summer! I thought I would start off my first post with a few fun facts about me, so everyone can get to know me better! After all, I will be the one sharing weekly corny jokes and hopefully some embarrassing stories along the way. That way you all can put a face to the humor behind the computer!

  1. My middle name is Stahr!

Stahr is a family name. It is my mother’s maiden name and I was lucky enough to have it given to me as my middle name! As you can probably guess, I have almost everything with a star on it. I was even adopted a star once…not that I know which one it is. If you happen to find it, let me know.

  1. I make up songs!

My college roommates and parents can definitely attest to this one. I have come to the realization that I like to make up songs depending on what I am doing. A few of my masterpieces consist of “Sandwich Time”, “Shower Time” (similar to “Sandwich Time”, but with a little twist), and my personal favorite, “I’ve got a dollar”. Stay tuned for a CD of my greatest hits coming soon! You will all get a free copy don’t worry!

  1. I am INSANE with organization!

Seriously, I actually scare some people with this one. My closet is organized according to clothing item, sleeve length, and sometimes color if i’m feeling a little extra OCD that day. Every time I come home from school I have to redo my closet so it’s the way I like it. I guess you could say I’m a little OCD…but only a little…

  1. I love sleep!

Once upon a time, my mom decided to play a fun game to see how long I would sleep. She decided to hold off waking me up on her own and let me wake up naturally. To her dismay, she lost. She was forced to wake me up at 4:30pm. I can sleep anywhere, anytime. I like to call it a gift! Plus I’m making up for all the sleep I didn’t get as a child. I was really good at being that loud baby everyone hates in public places.

  1. I help raise money for Multiple Sclerosis!

Back at school, I am a member of an organization called Rockin’ Against Multiple Sclerosis or RAMS for short. We are a
student run organization that puts on philanthropic events to help raise money for the Mid-Missouri MS Institute! This organization provides 95% of the funding for this MS institute of Mid-Missouri!

  1. I’m a dog person!




I have two adorable dogs! Jilly is 12-years-old and a Golden Retriever. She loves car rides, spooning, and meeting new people. She’s a little chunky for her size, so we like to tell her she’s a plus size model. Sometimes she pulls the model card and can be a little diva, but she always gets what she wants. Bruno is 7-years-old and a beagle mix. I think when they told us “mix” they meant every dog breed known to man. He loves dressing up, following my mom around, and hiding from my dad every chance he gets. How could you not love these faces?!

I am so excited to be a part of the Smashing team this summer and I can’t wait to see what’s in store! Have a Smashing day!


Kegels, Scouting Reports & the Tennis Commish – A Day in the Life of Suburban Tennis

February 24, 2015

SONY DSCI am thinking of pulling surveillance footage from our tennis matches and entering them as a Documentary Short for next year’s Oscars.  I’m pretty sure it would win some award (if only costume design).

While this week started off quiet and drama-free, the end of our match and the subsequent email furry has once again called into question the sanity of suburban mom tennis players.

Our match was on a cold and blustery Thursday afternoon, another “cold day” for our kids, because apparently we have inadvertently approved year-round school since we seem to have weeks off at a time.  My tennis partner this week sends me a text,

“I’m not feeling well.  I feel nauseous, dizzy and feverish.”

I reply, “Don’t worry.  Everyone feels that way when they learn they have to play with me.  You’ll be fine.”

“No,” she types, “I think I may throw up.”

“Perfect!  Now I’ll have some great blog material. I’ll call you Chunks” I write

She replies with a single word, “No.”

Wimp.  So she finds a sub.  And that is EXACTLY what started the process of the pending lawsuit in the NITTL league.

Now I should mention there are 3 Kellys on our team.  We all have our nicknames (I’m the funny one btw), but sometimes people get a little mixed up when writing up some score sheets.  So I’m scheduled to play on Court 3, but for some reason the sheet says Court 4 — they catch the mistake and erase the names to put the right Kelly’s on the right court.  The bell rings and it is time for us to go out to our match.

The eraser mark on the Score Sheet is being entered into evidence.  Apparently whomever erased the name, does not have a first grader and so therefore does not have a big, fat pink eraser and so did not erase fully enough (or at least that is what the forensic specialist has said).  Because if you look at the score sheet under an ultraviolet forensic light source, you can see the faint outline of another name under the one that is written in heavy graphite on top.

But really does it matter?  OH JUST YOU WAIT!

I am completely oblivious to this as I just go out to Court 3 and play with my trusted partner who seems to be my partner in crime at these matches.  Now playing with her is like a security blanket, I know we are going to win, I know we will fight to the end, and I know she will do her Kegels when I yell at her in the match.

We have a tough match on our court and lose the first set in tie break (7-6, 7-5).  We are in the middle of our second set and it is 3-3.  There is 40 seconds on the timer.  I yell to my partner to run with the tennis ball to the serving spot and bounce the ball so that she will “be in motion” and we will have to play the game.  (Note: If the match were to end now, we would lose.  We need to win 4-3 to make the match a tie.  To add to the pressure, we are playing the first place team, so there is a lot of bragging rights.)

My partner says, “I can’t.  I have to pee.  I’m going to run to the bathroom and we will pause the timer.”  She says this as she is standing cross-legged and the whites of her eyes are slowly turning yellow.

I look at her in horror because I know if she leaves the court, the team will call a “delay” and take the match.  I tell her, “Do your Kegels woman!  And you need to hurry and serve!”

I know, I know — the irony is not lost on me.  I have turned into Krazy Town.

But there is no time to dwell on my craziness as my partner takes a deep breath, does the biggest Kegel possible and runs to the servers box and starts bouncing the ball.  The buzzer goes off.  Excellent, now we have to play the game.

Courts 1 & 2 are finished, but we notice Court 4 is just standing around and chatting which is highly distracting to us, as we both have an undiagnosed case of adult ADD. We try to ignore them, but quickly drop two points (it is 0-30) and the girl on Court 4 is standing in the doubles alley watching us and taking this long, waterfall like gulp of cold rushing water.  This is not helping out my partner and her Kegels.

“Court 4 what’s going on?” I say

“Oh, we are just having a disagreement and need to go get some pros,” they reply.

I’m intrigued, as I do have a blog to write, but tell them to pipe down as they are breaking what little concentration we have.  Once we shut off that waterfall drinking girl, we were able to win the game and thus tie the match.

WOO HOO!  Or so we thought…..

So Court 4 is still arguing over when the buzzer rang and if they need to play another game or not.   Our team says the match is over and we won, they say they should play another.  I could get into all the minutia involved in that court’s issues, but we have our own issues that I need to get to.  So Court 4 finally ends and there is a congregation of pros, cell phones and rule books trying to decide what the official ruling should be on Court 4.  Selfishly, we are happy, we got the tie and clink our Diet Cokes in celebration.

Our match was last Thursday and I notice that the scores have still not been entered on Monday.  I go to the front desk and ask if the Court 4 issue has been resolved yet.

“Actually there is a new issue,” the lady pro says, “And it is about you.”

Oh great.  I of course think this is somehow related to Krazy Town and her tape measuring ways.  I’m sure she has read the blog and is pressing charges.

But no, it is about that eraser mark.

Seems that the ladies playing on Court 4 thought they were playing me.  So, and I quote, “I recognized Kelly D as a player I have played before and so took out my NITTL notebook and read my notes on her from the last time we played.”

Hold on.  Back up the truck.  NITTL notebook? There are notes on me?  This is getting good.

“Yes,” says our pro. “And when they thought they were playing you they were studying the notes in the lobby before the match.”

Honey, you are wasting your time.

When our opponent went to enter the scores the next day, she realized that in fact she did not play Kelly D but instead played a Kelly C and this was highly deceptive.  (We are tricky out here in the suburbs — you should check our net heights too)

She was in such a frenzy that she called the Commish of NITTL (not sure if his title is Commish, but I kinda like it).

And to further quote her argument, “The scary thing is we almost didn’t notice this.”

I may need to teach her the true definition of scary.

So I ask our pro, “So what exactly do they want?”

“They want a forfeit.”

I ask my pro if I could have a face to face meeting with her.  I’m pretty sure if she sat down across from me and I go all J.K.Simmons Whiplash on her, our problems would be solved.

She seemed to think I have caused enough chaos for the day (probably not a good time to mention I was blogging about this too).  So everyone is waiting for the official ruling of the Commish.  Because no one has anything better to do than to study a 8.5×11″ paper and the eraser mark that is on it.

At press time the issue is still not resolved.  But I am once again reminded that tennis ladies are truly nuts.


The Tape Measure that Unraveled the Match

February 9, 2015

Tennis ladies are nuts.

Below is a recap of our tennis match from last week.  And to be clear I was on Court 4 of the B Team (not 1 or 2 and not A).  I don’t want a Brian Williams situation.  Although I have been told that many ladies that I have played against are training for Wimbledon.

I show up for our match this week and find that I am playing my arch nemesis.  Now they are my arch nemesis because 2 years ago I broke my tooth during a match against them and ever since I’ve had a bad taste in my mouth about this club (pun intended).  So I was none too pleased when I showed up and realized that we were playing the tooth extraction team.

We go to our courts to warm up and one of our opponents cannot hit a ball to save her life — we’ll call her Krazy Town (names may or may not have been changed).  So my partner looks at me in astonishment as she has hit about 2 balls during the entire warm up.  Krazy Town couldn’t even feed her a lob and so her partner had to basically feed all the balls to both myself and my partner while Krazy Town watched with a confused look.

Since I love to crack jokes I start making wise cracks about how Krazy Town is really an A team player and a tennis hustler and is waiting to unleash her awesome strength.  Our opponents laugh nervously.  Well guess what?!?  We were right — but I’ll get to that in a minute.

So we are getting ready for the racket spin to determine serve and this thing flies onto our court.  I yell to the court next to us that I think something flew from their bench and they might want to retrieve it (thinking it was someone’s cell phone).  When Krazy Town’s partner announces, ” No that’s a tape measure for me.”

“What?” I say looking at my partner in confusion.

“I’m going to measure the net,” Krazy Town’s partner says.

At this point, I grab my cell phone because I HAVE to take a picture of this knowing this match is going to turn into a blog.

So Krazy Town’s partner measures the net and then calls down to court 2 “Hey how high is it supposed to be?”

Classic.  My partner and I are in hysterics until our opponent turns to us and asks us how high it should be.  How the heck should we know?  We are playing Court 4 of the B Team (again, I don’t want a Brian Williams moment) — you are lucky we have our shoes on the right feet.

They have determined the net is at the proper height so we are now allowed to begin the match (whew!  good thing, because if they asked us to fix the net I’m sure I would have broken another tooth in the process)

We play a few games and we are down 0-4 in about 10 minutes because Krazy Town is obviously Maria Sharapova in disguise.  We try to reassess and start doing Australian, I formation, break dancing — you know all the classic things to break their concentration.  We eventually grab a few games and it is 2-5.

We are up in the 8th game and Krazy Town overhits a ball and it sails out.  Both my partner and I at the same time call “OUT!”,  and of course are so happy because it is now 3-5.  Well Krazy Town was not as happy,

“What?!  That was in!” She yells “This is why no one likes to play your club because you are all a bunch of cheaters.  This is ridiculous.”

My partner and I look at each other, slightly wounded, as we love people to love us.  We are the fun ones!

“Sorry,” I say to Krazy Town, “but it was definitely out.”

Krazy Town isn’t buying it and now goes to full-on berserk mode.   She is hitting the ball so hard and so high that I was able to cancel my hair appt because each ball that sailed by me took a little off the sides.  But with her berserk-ness she ending up making a lot of mistakes and we take the first set 7-5.

Oh she is NOT happy.

Now she won’t look at us, mumbles under her breath and gives constant eye rolls. I thought for a moment I was playing against my teenage daughter.

During the second set we are destroying them and are up 4-0.  We had just had a very long rally and so I run to the sideline to take a quick drink between games (point to note, I had taken 2 drinks the entire match so far).  Krazy Town runs to the sideline, blocks my way to my water bottle, and says,

“It’s an even game, you can’t take a drink.”

Ok, now this is getting fun.

So I retort, ” You haven’t given me my balls yet (her partner was busy retrieving all 3 balls) and I have 20 seconds.”

Krazy Town is now beat red and yells,” You both are so unsportsmanlike!  This is the worst match I have ever played!”  And then she proceeds to take a long, L-O-N-G swig of water.

Now I know the match is officially over because she has become such a head case.  She hits every ball at lightening speed into the net. So much so, that I think the net has actually gotten lower.  Wish I knew someone with a tape measure.

We end up winning 7-5, 6-2

Karma is sweet.

If you are looking for some new tennis or golf wear, Smashing has many styles in many different lengths.  And I might even have a tape measure to double-check. Use code NEW30 to get an extra 30% off at checkout at SmashingOnline.



5 Weird Golf Rules and Why You Should Know Them

January 22, 2015

While most of us are still buried in snow and only dreaming of birdies and bogeys, golf season is just around the corner and it is time to brush up on some of those unique rules that are bound to happen at some point during your round.

With over 100 sections and subsections and not to mention the 2,000 explanatory cases, the rules of game are quite complex. Here is just a select few of the wackiest, most unusual rules in golf.


You can hit your opponent…



If a player hits an opponent standing out-of-bounds with his/her shot and the ball lands out-of-bounds, there is no penalty. He/she is entitled to replay his shot.





But you can’t hit yourself

Interestingly enough, if a player hits him/herself with the ball a two-stroke penalty is instated. Note to self: whenever you need to take out some anger on the course, feel free to aim for that guy standing just out-of-bounds. Remember to yell “Fore!” warning the potential victim to maintain proper golf etiquette.



Swing carefully

Unknown-1If your clubhead falls off during the backswing, and you complete your swing but miss the ball, it doesn’t count as a stroke. If your clubhead falls during the downswing, and you complete the swing but miss the ball, it counts as a stroke. Backswing, downswing—it’s just a matter of milliseconds, right? C’mon.



Lands in the water, no problem!

UnknownLet’s say that you hit your ball into a lake, but instead of sinking or otherwise disappearing, it floats. You can either take the drop or strike at the moving ball (an exception to the Striking a Moving Ball rule), but you must do so without delay to prevent those who might who are suspicious to think that you used some kind of current to improve your ball’s position.

Keep that Ball Dirty



Think you can clean your ball off in the grass?  Think again.  You would be breaking a rule which says that you are testing the surface.




The rules may be strange, but definitely add to the sport’s character. Keep these rules in mind to give your golf game a little flair.

Speaking of flare, check out the pieces in our new Navy Daisy Collection that will add the perfect punch to your wardrobe. Fashion that performs.


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