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5 Exercises to Improve your Tennis Game

February 6, 2014

Getting better at tennis means doing more than just hitting a tennis ball all day (trust me, I’ve tried that angle).  You need to get fit and improve your strength, agility and speed in order to compete at a higher level.

Below are 5 exercises recommend by tennis coaches to help improve your tennis game and overall fitness.



Burpees are a favorite exercise among many coaches as it works your legs, core, shoulders, chest and arms.  They will also get your heart pounding.  While many of you have done or attempted burpees in the past, it is important to use proper form to avoid injury.

Follow this info-graphic to help you use proper form.  Aim to do 15-20 daily and try to get maximum height on each.

Lateral Lunge


“Lunges are great for tennis players as you often will lunge to hit a shot,” says Dusty Gilbreth, a certified personal trainer.  Standing in an athletic stance you will step directly to your right while keeping your weight in your left heel.  Both feet are facing forward. Once your foot is planted on the floor, begin to shift your weight onto the right foot and bend your right knee into a lunge.  Your shin should be vertical to the floor and your right knee in line with your foot (your knee should not go over your toes).

“This exercise increases balance, recruits hip abductor/adductor muscles, and works your thighs all of which are important in tennis,” Gilbreth added.  Add weights or a medicine ball to increase resistance and muscle.  25 reps on each side.

Ys, Ts,Ws & Ls

trap and rhomboid

Your upper back and shoulders are important in tennis especially when serving.  Adding these exercises with or without weights will strengthen those muscles.  These can be done on an incline bench or standing up with a slight bend from your waist.  Aim to do 10 of each.

Single Leg Deadlift


Using your gluteus and hamstrings as primary movers, stand on one leg and reach across your body with the opposite hand to the ground and then stand up.  This is a great exercise to strengthen your knee as well (one of the more common tennis injuries).

In this illustration she is adding weight by using a ball.  Add weight after you perfect the form of keeping that back leg horizontal to the ground.  Doing this without weight is challenging enough.  15 each leg.

Russian Twist


An oldie but goodie.  Keeping your feet flat on the floor, sit back to a 45 degree angle and rotate a medicine ball from one hip to the other.  For increased resistance lift your feet off of the floor as pictured here.

“This exercise not only targets your obliques, but it also will strengthen your back muscles as well, says Vivian Eisenstadt MAPT OCS an orthopedic based physical therapist.  This move trains your lower and upper parts of your body to move as one which means you will hit the ball with more power (it can also help your golf swing).  And an added bonus it can help you ward off injury as it works to strengthen your lower back.  50 reps

And of course when you are done getting in shape, be sure to wear your Smashing apparel.  Our core compression will not only make you look better, but will help your muscles stay warm and engaged during your match (which means better performance and recovery).

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  1. chris permalink
    April 14, 2014 10:59 am

    Great tips, be sure to be wearing your men’s tennis tank tops before warming up!

  2. December 20, 2017 6:21 am

    This is an Excellent Post. Hope my Tennis serve technique is now becoming change after reading this article.

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